Corporate Social Responsibility

SPEC INDIA strongly believes in integrating self-regulations in its business model. We implement our CSR policy as a self regulating mechanism whereby we ensure its compliance actively by following ethical standards to extend our resources for the betterment of the society from where we have earned fame, gained success and have been prospering through.

The society is what we are. For SPEC INDIA the corporate responsibilities lie towards its customers, employees, stakeholders and business partners and the social responsibilities towards the environment and the community. The harmony and the well being of all of these makes us complete; defining our Corporate Social Responsibility.

We strike a balance between all our diverse responsibilities.

The Corporate Responsibility

Our quality integrated workflows establish the credibility of our business. The fair and transparent business practices ensure that our commitment to our customers, business partners and stake holders is complete.

Responsibilities Towards Employees

A responsible employer gets responsible employees. We identify our responsibilities towards our workforce ensuring a healthy, safe and conducive work environment to enable them to maximize their own potential thus keeping them motivated. We provide equal employment opportunities to people irrespective of religion, gender, beliefs and any special abilities.

The Social Responsibility

“Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly...” Companies should extend their interests to the community they belong to as well as the earth on which they live.

Our Go Green Policy reconfirms our belief in the Native American wisdom.

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors. We borrow it from our children.”

Our responsibility towards the earth follows the new age mantra; Reduce, Recycle and Reuse . We begin by designing our development centre in line with the Green initiatives the company advocates. The use of natural light has been stressed along with energy efficient lighting and air-conditioning. The entire facility uses energy efficient hardware, approximately 120 T5 Fluorescent Energy saving lights, 60 tons of air-conditioning, and optimal usage of water for the washrooms. Our furniture is made from recycled wood and it goes without saying that we have paperless offices.

The most recent in lines of our commitment to the environment is our association with “Let's Recycle"; an initiative of NEPRA Resource Management Pvt. Ltd, a Social Enterprise that operates in the segment of DRY Waste Management & Recycling by collecting dry waste from waste generators and managing the recyclable waste further in the cycle.

SPEC INDIA contributed to the first faculty Chair-"The SPEC-AMA Chair for Youth Empowerment" at Ahmedabad Management Association, Ahmedabad, initiating the 'Life Skills Programme' and the 'Youth Empowerment Programme'. Life Skills Programme caters to 10+2 students while the Youth Empowerment Programme is meant for graduate and undergraduate students. These programmes provide valuable inputs in developing a right attitude and behaviour, manners and etiquettes, learning habits and individual personality. Youth Empowerment programme also provides necessary guidance for taking care of adjustment problems in the beginning of one's career.

Indian economy is growing at an unprecedented pace and opportunities are global. This growth phase is opening up many career options. Making a right choice at this stage is crucial for long-term success. Unlike in the past, a large number of career options are available today. Instead of a lack of information, we have an information explosion. This makes decision-making extremely complex and difficult for today's youth.

Keeping the above in mind, SPEC INDIA-AMA Counseling Centre was created primarily to cater and augment this complexity. The key objective being able to provide an opportunity to our youth to widen their outlook and develop different skills and opt for a career such as to take on future challenges. Under the programme young people, students, graduates and working executives get the desired guidance in making a right career choice. SPEC INDIA-AMA Counseling Centre will also take up counseling on behavioral issues amongst students, executives, managers, parents and couples.

The SPEC INDIA-AMA Chair for Youth Empowerment has gone places since its inception 5 years ago. The program is now regularly conducted all across Gujarat in approximately 60 schools, colleges and institutions. An impressive number of nearly 10,000 individuals have benefitted from the SPEC-AMA endeavour.

SPEC INDIA endeavors to impart environment awareness among the masses and the youth.

"SOS-Save o ur Sholas" a water conservation awareness film by Mr. Shekar Dattari is very proudly supported by SPEC INDIA. The film is about the Shola forests of the Western Ghats mountain range in the southern plateau of India demonstrating the amazing diversity and the pressing problems that beset this fragile landscape. Shekar Dattari is a leading environmentalist globally and the only Indian to have won the prestigious Rolex Award equivalent to the Nobel Prize for environment conservation and wild life related efforts.

In recognition of the conviction that the prosperity of communities is integral to the success of companies, social responsibility is high on the agenda at SPEC INDIA.

Our social initiatives represent an integral component of our corporate culture. Our investments in communities and organizations that help the less fortunate have extended beyond random disbursement of charity, towards a planned program to help the underprivileged in the areas of medicine and education amongst others.


  • Diwali Distribution camps
  • Andh Kanya Prakash Gruh in aid of Visual Impaired Girl Child
  • Sense International in aid of Deaf and Blind Children
  • Utthan Talim Kendra in aid of Mentally Challenged Children
  • The Old Age Home by Lions International Foundation that provides residential facility to the old
  • Andh Kanya Kelavni Shala that trains the visually handicapped develop job skills to make them self-reliant
  • Financial support to victims of floods, famine, tsunami and earthquakes
  • Blood Donation Camp organized in association with Ahmedabad Red Cross Society


  • Sponsored a Kidney Dialysis Machine at Jain Visha Oshwal Club, Ahmedabad, for affordable dialysis
  • The Kidney Research Center at Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad for research in Kidney diseases
  • The Karnavati Eye Foundation which provides free primary eye care & check up facility to the needy
  • Gujarat Cancer Society who provides affordable treatment to needy cancer patients


  • In aid of "SPARSH" An Educational project which runs in a slum area in West Ahmedabad, with the aim at teaching basic Maths, English and other subjects to the slum kids. Drawing, craft, dancing, etc. are also part of the activities carried out for the under privileged kids
  • In aid of "Shwas Project by Yuva Unstoppable: A street school for the underprivileged kids". Distributed Notebooks, Sketch books, pencils, sharpener, eraser, chart papers, crayons, educational games, sets of Text book - 2nd to 7th Std, for 25 under privileged kids
  • Provided Clocks & Writing Instruments to 100 under privileged school children of class 10 through Madhuram Charitable Trust, Ahmedabad


  • Supported an environment film "Save Our Sholas-SOS" by Rolex Award Winning Wild Life Photographer Shekar Dattatri's Trust For Environmental Education
  • Supported the cause of "Gir Welfare Fund" in support of the Lion census at Gir Wildlife Sanctuary, Gujarat

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