Mobile Device Management (MDM)

MDM is SPEC INDIA’s compact though effective device management solution which is a native application in abstract mode, which caters to monitoring and partially managing mobile devices from a web based administration panel. This application helps in effective management of Android based mobile / tablet devices meant for official usage by being able to supervise and scrutinize the devices.SPEC INDIA’s MDM application can initially be loaded through over-the-air mechanism onto the mobile devices and gets registered with the back office server, which sets the accessibility levels. The connectivity between the devices and the back office is established through WiFi / GPRS / 2G/ 3G internet connectivity.

Functionalities such as locking a device, restricting applications, logs of various activities, health check on the devices, and reach ability of devices are the significant features of our MDM.

Key Features

  • Improvised device security
  • Controls device system calls / functionalities
  • Alerts the misuse of devices
  • Real time tracking
  • Remote device management
  • Monitor device usage
  • Alerts and Notifications like Auto attempt for non-delivered push notifications, device not traceable, device unlocked by password, device batteries getting below the desired level
  • View of GPS co-ordinates of device every few hours
  • SIM Change alerts
  • Maintains device logs for functions such as device start, low battery level, attempt of accessing unrestricted app

Technology Support

  • Mobile client app: Android 2.3 and above
  • Back office support:
    • Application: Microsoft .Net & Java
    • Database: My SQL / SQL Server

Return of Investment (ROI)

  • Profitability of assets provided to user
  • Ensuring maximum use of assets
  • Secured mobile connectivity and reach ability
  • Real time information about mobile users
  • Maximum benefit of mobile network connectivity

Value Added Solution

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is used best with our flagship solutions ZooM, Renaissance and eSAM, to make it a complete mobility solutions suit.

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