Work Environment at SPEC INDIA

SPEC INDIA firmly believes that human resources drive businesses. At SPEC INDIA, we lay thrust on overall personality development and nurturing of individual interests, as it is as crucial as excelling and gunning for targets at work. We at SPEC INDIA innovate and help carve your career path to new heights through individual development plans. We offer our team with:

  • Excellent infrastructure
  • Excellent work environment
  • Periodic cultural, sports and other co-curricular activities
  • Open work culture which is rewarding, trustworthy and proficient
  • Regular training to face the challenge of pace of technology advancement
  • Benefits at par with the industry
  • Exposure to business excellence and evolving technologies
  • Awards for excellence

'All Work & No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy'. As the saying goes SPEC INDIA prides itself in fostering a work culture which is fun-filled alongwith the daily work routine. Games facility for Table Tennis, Carom, Chess, and Badminton has been created. To yet further this much needed euphoria and excitement we have build four teams from all levels and functions. These teams manage cultural, sports, in-house magazine, knowledge based activities. Due to this exciting working environment we believe our employees share the responsibility for professional growth and their development plans are aligned with the organization’s business strategies.

SPEC INDIA's goal is to develop a pool of talented, highly trained individuals to meet the current and future demands of SPEC INDIA. It is mainly due to these factors our team takes pride in calling SPEC INDIA their second home. Would you like to be a part of this nurturing environment?