Android Application Development

Android applications have gained great popularity in the last few years becoming a preferred platform not only for entertainment and social networking but also for enterprise applications. Android phones and tablets are available as a wide range of cost effective devices and today power millions of mobile devices across the globe making it the largest installed base for any mobile platform. We at SPEC INDIA, through our offshore android app development center in India, develop contemporary mobile apps and solutions which are gaining popularity with enterprises across the globe.

We have entered the wearable devices market with a bang with our newly launched application Smart Wear for Android Wear powered Smart Watches, which helps to post thoughts and pictures on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin with the help of “OK Google” voice commands.

Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program

Samsung Electronics, the largest manufacturer of Android based smartphones recognizes our work. Our global partnership with Samsung under the Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program (SEAP) makes us feel proud to be a part of an innovative movement, enabling us to deliver superior enterprise mobility solutions for our clients.

Domain Expertise For Android Apps

  • Healthcare and Medical
  • Shopping
  • Social Media
  • Travel & Mapping
  • Food & Restaurants
  • Business
  • Learning & Education
  • Utility
  • iOS to Android portability

You can Hire Android Application Developers for creating apps and solutions to cater to these domains and truly implement enterprise mobility with our expertise and insight.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions Using Android

It is our constant endeavor to innovate applications that provide faster return of investment and value addition to the services of our customers. We develop novel world class enterprise mobility solutions by using the power of the Android SDK and blending in features of Augmented Reality, Location Based Services and QR Code Scanning amongst the latest techniques. The Bluetooth and Beacon devices integration only exhibits our power of harnessing Android for versatile communication. Incorporation of Cross platform techniques like HTML5 and PhoneGap with Android makes applications developed for you adaptable to a multitude of devices, giving them supplemented visibility. Seamless integration with OneDrive and SkyDrive makes sharing and access effortless across devices, increasing the competency of our apps.

Our flagship Sales Force Automation solution , which can be used in multiple domains like FMCG, Manufacturing, Sales & Distribution, Healthcare & Wellness, Consumer durables is powered by Android. Zoom has other value added solutions like the Mobile Device Management tools for managing mobile devices (MDM) from a web based panel and Vehicle Tracking System for fleet management.

Our most inquired , an electronic service and maintenance solution for Manufacturing Enterprises, Service Industry, Energy & Utility, Healthcare and Hospitality to carry out on-premises or field activities like field survey, data capture and service flow implementation as per defined workflow and SOP / Check list, serves the Hospitality, Production & Manufacturing, Gas & Energy, Utility segments has been developed using the power of the Android SDK.
The Android Application Developer Team at SPEC develops managed code in Java, controlling the devices via Google developed Java libraries. Our insight into the Java technologies lays a concrete foundation for the Android technology team to create, test and port Android applications and solutions to a variety of Android powered tablets, phones, mobile and wearable devices. The team exploits the powers of the Android Software Developer Kit (Android SDK) to roll out Enterprise Applications, M-Commerce Solutions, Social Media Applications, Games, Multimedia, Image Editing, Image Processing and Widgets.

The testing services for Android applications offered by us ensure reliable and stable applications and solutions across devices and designs for all your apps. As a third party, we offer unbiased and assured tests to make your applications on Android fool proof. We abide by the basic design principle of Android; simplify the user experience to enchant and amaze the user. The device centric UI principles integrated together roll out satisfying UX across our solutions. And of course, our design engineers harness the potentials of Material Design which is already at our doorstep. Beyond growing your customer base, Android applications launched by us on Google Play help you build visibility and interest for your apps and brand, as well as an open marketplace for distributing them instantly. Your apps find higher rankings in the weekly charts as and when their popularity increases.

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