Legacy Application Migration and Interface Development

How to keep up with “Technology” – an ever changing facet? The solution lies in adopting the latest tools through migration services.

In today’s continually changing IT scenario, organizations have a need to upgrade to the latest trends and technologies. To leverage the strength of their legacy applications by attempting to improve their accessibility or consider an application re-design or a migration solution, organizations have constant need to move on from a traditional main frame to a client / server to web / cloud etc. This process requires a thorough technical know-how of the existing legacy applications and the new technology to which the organization is plans to move.

We at SPEC INDIA have been actively involved in Legacy Application Migration and Interface Development for global enterprise clients, which include Fortune 100 companies and many more. We take up various projects which include software migration, server migration etc. Before reengineering legacy applications or redesigning them to meet the current business trends, we study and do an in-depth analysis of reusability of code, current pain areas, objectives of migration, user expectations etc. and help our customers in deriving the right migration strategy and plan. SPEC INDIA, with its experience of over two decades, boasts of rich experience in migration solutions with legacy applications.

Our services involve initial assessment of the client requirement and based on the analysis, decide the approach to migration: Stay (let the application be as it is), Port (port to a new database / server), Build (develop a new application) and Buy (purchase a new product from the market). We also help choose the migration methodology and architecture which is flexible, scalable and leaves space for further expansions.

  • Legacy Application re-designing / re-transformation / re-engineering
  • Migration to multiple databases OR database up gradation OR web platforms
  • GUI migration
  • Application implementation, training & maintenance and support
  • Geographical diversity of users
  • Characteristics of applications
  • Extent to which functional enhancement is sought
  • Existing infrastructure
  • Time for execution
  • Budget
  • Implementation & maintenance issues
  • Smooth transition / roll over
  • Alignment with overall strategic plans

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