Automated Testing

SPEC INDIA recognizes the obvious advantages of both manual testing and automated testing. To increase the reliability of software quality checks, we harness the potentials of Automated Testing tools like Selendroid, Selenium, Appium, Robotium, Quick Time Pro, Load Runner etc. which help in simulating scenarios and performing continuous routine mundane tests. We have a smart mix of manual and automated software testing in our Test Plans and Test Cases making our quality checks with no compromise on project deadlines and “Go to Market” plans.

Automated testing has specific advantages of improving the long-term efficiency of a software testing processes and ultimate turn around time. It improvises the trustworthiness of the testing processes, by furnishing flawless, steadfast outcomes. These tools deliver unerring, fast and reliable results repetitively, proving them to be very cost effective. They cover different platforms and configurations with ease, be it automated web or mobile testing, increasing the returns on investment (ROI). They are best suited for monotonous and volume based testing like regression testing, load testing, performance testing and data driven testing. By providing access through automation suites, automated test cases, test results and reports, these testing tools confirm ease of use.

Test automation management tools fit the agile systems development life cycle methodologies and their continuous changes, in order to minimize manual regression testing. We ensure better performance for your cloud and server based apps by carrying out automated performance tests and load tests after simulating multiple concurrent users to measure response times. The user experience from software tested at SPEC INDIA is thus far superior.

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Automated Software Testing

Automated Testing Tools at SPEC INDIA

  • Used to carry out Functional Testing and Regression Testing
  • The hybrid framework accommodates both Keyword-Driven testing as well as Data-Driven scripts
  • Data driven scripts use powerful libraries and utilities with the keyword driven architecture
  • Compact data driven scripts are less prone to failures
  • Single point of maintenance for Test parameters, Action parameters, Environment variables and Data tables for scripts and keyword driven tests
  • Tests User Interfaces, Functionalities and the Databases in Desktop, Web and Mobile Applications
  • It is a Performance and Automated Test tool for Load Testing
  • Automates Bottle Neck Detection
  • Simulates virtual users and helps in conducting reliable tests
  • Dependable tool for testing Rich Internet Applications (RIA)
  • Is Compatible with Clouds

Performance Enhancement Process at SPEC INDIA for Performance Load Testing

  • Automated Web Testing Tool for Functional and Cross Browser Testing
  • Avoids manual intervention , is simple and quick
  • Supports different Browsers and Operating System
  • Well Structured Automated Framework designed by experienced professionals
  • Open Source Testing Tool, offers cost benefit
  • Enables fast and accurate deliveries
  • An open source test Automation Framework for Android native and hybrid applications
  • Caters to Android based mobile applications
  • Can be used on emulators and real devices and can be integrated with the Selenium Grid for parallel testing
  • An open source Android test automation framework for gray box testing
  • Full support for native and hybrid applications
  • Detailed knowledge of the application like the source code and implementation details are not required
  • Makes it easy to develop automatic black-box UI tests for Android apps
  • For developing tests for function, system and acceptance tests
  • Tests can be executed with continuous integration along with Maven, Gradle and the likes
  • An open source iOS test automation , cross browser mobile test automation tool
  • Automates native, hybrid, web and mobile web apps
  • The test automation feel remains similar for various platforms like iOS or Android
  • It can automate Web, Hybrid and Native mobile applications with equal ease of use

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