Big Data Solutions

Big Data analytics is the answer to all data related queries, be it handling, maintaining, managing, extracting, storing data from a diversity of structured and unstructured sources of information. Big Data focuses on managing and storing the data through proficient databases.

We at SPEC INDIA provide robust and wide-ranging Big Data services, which handle the storage, transaction, analysis and maintenance of the unstructured data in a planned and controlled way and then further utilize it for real-time analysis, visualization and foresight.

Our skilled expertise lies in building customized analytic solutions using Big Data technologies like Hadoop, MongoDB and HP Vertica. We, being certified partners with Pentaho, get better opportunity to add value to overall proposition to offer advanced BI reporting services along with Big Data solutions.


Higher the volume of data, more comprehensive will be the 360 degree view of information, thereby increasing insight and depth of information ensuring better decision making.


This refers to the influx and investigation of flowing data. Increasing customer data fed rapidly into the Big Data platform leads to increased likeliness to make the right decision at the right time to achieve management goals.


This dimension talks of identification of value added information. Higher the consolidation, cleansing, consistency of information, there are increased chances of precise decision making.


Different sources and forms of data, be it from the logs, CRM systems, social media and many more, help increase in better informed decisions.


We have expertise in Big Data solutions using Big Data - Hadoop, the next generation real time analytics and an open source framework, which allows distributed processing of massive chunks of data sets across clusters of commodity computers using simplistic programming models. It is a data management framework with scale-out storage and distributed processing. It has rich ecosystems which makes it possible to load thousands to terabytes of data on thousands of nodes.


One of our primary forte in Big Data technologies, as a Big Data analyst in India, is the leading open source, document oriented DBMS designed for performance, higher availability, advanced query ability and horizontal scalability. It is a part of the NoSQL family of database service systems.

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