Business Intelligence (BI) Services

In the current era of rapidly advancing business operations, organizations live in a deluge of data, collected from varied data sources. The biggest challenge lies in categorizing and analyzing this data and transforming it into an intelligent business source, to help organizations maximize ROI, derive insights and mitigate risks. BI provides the right information at the right time for decision makers to take advantage of opportunities and to deliver sustainable business performance.

SPEC INDIA, as a Business Intelligence Service Partner, offers end-to-end customized Business Intelligence (BI) solutions and services, to convert your bulk of data into real-time, analyzed and intelligent information with its skilled and talented pool of consultants.

SPEC INDIA’s BI team has experience on various open source/Enterprise BI tools and technologies like Pentaho BI, Jaspersoft BI, Microsoft BI, as detailed below. Our global partnership with Pentaho helps us provide services across the Pentaho Product Stack, details of which are mentioned in the Pentaho BI Section.

Our BI team has handled data analytics for our esteemed clients across the globe in domains like Sales and Distribution, Insurance, Food and Beverages, Shipping Analytics, Health information services, SEO, Digital Marketing.

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We have a skilled pool of expertise in Data Modeling, a significant primary step in this forte. Our Data Modeling services help build logical and physical models for complex data environments. Our expert consultants employ both tool based and manual methodologies to build data models. Our Key Capabilities are:

  • E-R Modeling
  • Semantic Modeling
  • Star Schema Design
  • Snowflake Schema Design
An important process which focuses on blend of technological and business processes used to merge data from various data sources into significant information. It is a required procedure when data has to be copied from one place to another, data in multiple locations are to be merged, querying / handling of multiple databases, transfer of database technologies and many more. Our Key Capabilities are:
  • Data Profiling
  • Data Cleansing
  • Integration of structured / unstructured data
  • Data Merging, Migration & Replication
  • ETL / ELT / ETLT Design and Development
  • Data warehouse consultation, design   implementation
  • Legacy and 3rd party interfaces
There are a diversity of BI reports which act as an interface between the data warehouses and the decision makers:
  • Enterprise Reporting
  • Multidimensional Reporting
  • Ad hoc Reporting
  • Cross Tab Reporting
  • Pixel Perfect reporting
  • Interactive Reporting
  • Web based Reporting
BI Analytics is the answer to a multitude of questions hidden in the business information, to survey and discover from the findings and extract advanced analytics.

Cloud Based BI

A perfect mishmash of business intelligence solutions with cloud computing. Business organizations can utilize resources in the cloud with least investment as related to their IT infrastructure.

Self Service BI

An independent framework, in which the end users can independently, extract the data and create desired reports and queries with least help from the technical department.

We have recently launched a very intrinsic and useful Self Service BI plug-in on top of the Pentaho Community Edition, which facilitates end users to build their own dashboards / widgets / reports based on the data generated. You can access this at the Pentaho Market Place.

Data Visualization

Through this mechanism, data can be represented in visually appealing formats. Our team has the experience to suggest best visual formats to put the business information in the right perspective. As rightly said, “A picture speaks 1000 words”. More always, people understand data better through visualization / imagery than numbers in rows and columns.


  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Mashups
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Geographical charting


Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) is a data processing method which provides a multi dimensional view of the measures and enables user to easily and speedily access consolidated enterprise data.

Key features:

  • Cube Design
  • MDX Queries
  • Slice and Dice
  • Drill down
  • Adhoc Analysis

Mobile BI

Mobile BI highlights instant access of business information from mobile devices like iPad, iPhone, Android devices etc. We provide mobile based solutions for end users to view reports, dashboards and perform ad hoc report analysis, with minimal interaction with the IT team.

Data Mining

Data Mining enables business to discover the patterns and relationships in large data in order to help make better business decisions. Data Mining can help in identifying the sales trends and finding opportunities for market campaign from data patterns.

The role of Data Science encompasses understanding and perceiving the data and patterns to extract insightful information in desired format through various analytical methods. It makes the most of machine learning, predictive analysis and data engineering to scrutinize problems in multi-faceted domains and industries. We, @ SPEC INDIA, have experienced data scientists who are proficient with its associated tools and technologies, which are becoming vital and have shown a growing importance in organizations today.

Descriptive Analytics – A look at the past

Our experience in deep diving into Descriptive Analytics techniques which are used to describe, explore or profile any kind of data, have helped our customers by providing them perfect visual summaries and insights into analyzing business data by looking at the past data through patterns and trends, f matrices, dashboards and statistical / analytical reports. This can be achieved with BI technologies like Pentaho, Tableau, Microsoft etc.

Predictive Analytics– Understanding the future

A forethought into the future trends, a look into the predictive score of each organizational element, decisions based on predictions and predictions based on descriptions, an effort towards mitigating risks, an in-depth and real-time analysis of business information – All put together can be achieved effortlessly and effectively through “Predictive Analysis”.

Using our experience in generation of multi faceted models like Decision Tree, Regression, Time Series model through usage of analytical tools like Pentaho Weka, have helped our clients get a peek preview of how the future trends look like and base decisions and roadmaps accordingly. With the help of data mining tools and techniques, a predictive analytical model can be worked upon and can be implemented.

Prescriptive Analytics – Recommendations on probable conclusions

Prescriptive Analytics goes a step beyond Descriptive and Predictive Analytics by suggesting multiple likely actionable items and by taking maximum advantage of the predictions. Data analysis teams of organizations have started using this concept to ‘prescribe’ a variety of possible options for a solution and a guideline to achieve them. Our proficiency in contemporary technologies like SAS and R has helped us in achieving our customer goals.

Pentaho BI is the key to any type of BI analytics and the Pentaho BI suite consists of a stack of products which are apt for business intelligence needs of enterprises. Read more at Pentaho BI

A highlight in our kitty - our proficiency in Jaspersoft BI. Jaspersoft is an intelligent and scalable BI suite, having multifold products and services in its framework. Quicker decision making, availability of timely and accurate information, creating a reporting and analytics embeddable platform to enhance organizational processes and functionalities are some of the key features of Jaspersoft BI.

We have implemented projects in Jaspersoft BI which allows users to generate reports as they require. This can be implemented across multiple devices using embedded services.

Why Jaspersoft?

  • Flexible and extensively used
  • Cost effective
  • Pixel perfect dashboard and enterprise reporting
  • Cloud based deployment options for Standalone and Embedded BI
  • In-memory analysis

A glance at the our Jaspersoft BI product stack

Tableau BI, well-liked BI software, in which SPEC INDIA possesses rich experience, holds capabilities that allows user to avail data connectivity, visualization and then create and share dashboards securely at a fast paced go. Being highly user friendly and easy to use, end users find it attractive to implement. Along with this, it also boasts of a powerful engine to serve the complex analytical problems.

We have implemented projects in Tableau BI which allows users to generate reports as they require. This can be implemented across multiple devices using embedded services.

Why Tableau?

  • Effortless connectivity to any data source
  • Enhanced data visualization
  • Instant insight to information
  • Visually alluring and easy to interpret reports

The Tableau product family

One of world’s most prolific suites, Microsoft BI is a prime focus area at SPEC INDIA. We have a skilled pool of Microsoft resources, handling and implementing project and applications in Microsoft technologies. Microsoft BI focuses on self service analysis and interactive data visualization. It provides a unique authority to the BI administrator for full control and management of the user created content.

SQL Server 2008 is the foundation platform hosting the data warehouse. It includes three BI components: Integration Services (SSIS), Analysis Services (SSAS), and Reporting Services (SSRS). These components provide the data platform with multidimensional database support, data presentation layer and data integration functions.

Why Microsoft BI?

  • A secure data warehouse fully integrated with other key business applications
  • Flexible and trustworthy
  • Robust environment to share interactive reports
  • Tight interoperability with other data sources

The product stack

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