Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Mobile technology has seen a sea of change in the recent years, in spite of the fact that the Enterprise Mobility Solutions in the recent days are only the tip of the iceberg and the harbinger of a new revolution. Mobilizing the enterprises brings in various benefits like availability of right information at the right time without constraints of location and time. With the availability of mobile devices at a cost effective rate, even small and medium enterprises today are reaping the benefits of implementing mobile solutions.

SPEC INDIA has been servicing large, medium and small enterprises for over two decades now, by providing mobile solution to them. We started our journey by providing solutions using WinCE platform on pocket PCs and rugged hand-held devices and as the technology progressed we have moved on developing solutions for smart phones, tablets, pocket PC, PDAs and hand-helds over a variety of platforms. Our teams posses proficiency in developing business solutions on platforms like iOS, Google Android, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and Cross platform. Cross platform solutions developed using HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 and PhoneGap help in implementing a single solution across multiple platforms and provide the required device independence to enterprise business solutions. We have proven solutions and frameworks to mobilize your needs in, CRMs, sales force automation systems, procurement and supply chains, service and maintenance etc.

Enterprises move on from the Internet of Things (IoT) to Internet of Everything (IoE), where people and objects with identifiers are managed by computers through various technologies like NFC or QR Codes and are seamlessly integrated to the internet and the IoT itself, to become active participants in business processes. Augmented reality, a technique that superimposes computer generated images on a real view of the real world, providing a composite view of both, layering meaningful content along with images, videos and sounds on top is seen and Location Based Services (LBS) which uses the geographical position of the device to render enriched information services using Beacons, Wi-Fi etc.

We always ensure our teams are equipped and trained in the emerging technologies and using our knowledge and experience we have helped enterprises implement these.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions demand complex needs of people, products and technology to be translated into solutions.

  • Uniformity of versions and upgrades of apps
  • Network management
  • Security Assurance
    • Maintenance of enterprise data security
    • Authorized accesses by workforce and customers
    • Secured data visibility
    • Protection of stolen devices & prevention of unauthorized access is a top mobile security concern
    • Assets management integration with a smart enterprise mobility policy
    • On - device encryption/decryption strategy to be rolled out with care
  • Control usage of devices by workforce
  • Seamless access to applications across devices
  • Scalability of solutions

The simple rugged hand-held devices of the nineties have found a tough competition in the various phones, smartphones and tablets. Inspite of the fact that these new devices are elegant, smart and classy, the fact remains that the old day rugged hand-held devices cannot be ignored as they are the only proven devices to operate under the most difficult conditions of weather and environment. SPEC INDIA has been harnessing the power of these devices and for over two decades now, has been providing field force solutions that help maximize productivity in the field and exploit the wireless technology capabilities like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS integrating with devices like scanners, barcode readers, blue tooth printers and imagers. We design and support applications using the rugged hand-held devices based on Windows Mobile OS , converging them with the new age mobile technologies / platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Cross platform tools like HTML 5, Our solutions are efficient business tools that quantify enterprise profitability and provide early and high Returns on Investment (ROI).

The enterprise mobility frameworks cater to a variety of domains and are developed to be cross platform. Our sales force automation solution ZooM; for FMCG, manufacturing, sales and distribution, healthcare and wellness, consumer durables; e-CRM, a cross platform Enterprise Business Mobility CRM Solution; e-SAM, an electronic service and maintenance solution for manufacturing enterprises, service industry, energy and utility, healthcare and hospitality and more; or Vehicle Tracking System(VTS), a GPS based fleet monitoring solution, all satisfy the demands of different enterprises for modern day mobility solutions. These frameworks help in providing a customized solution to customers with a minimum turnaround time.

Rugged and Smart hand-held Device Applications Experience

  • Field Sales Automation Solutions including
    • Pre sales and route accounting
    • Van Sales, Direct Store Delivery (DSD) Solutions
    • Queue buster applications
    • Hospital Rounds Management
  • Field Services and Maintenance Solutions
  • Emergency Services
  • Warehouse Automation
  • Shop floor Work in Progress Tracking
  • Inventory Handling
  • Custom Asset Management Applications
  • Logistics

Technology Services