Manual Software Testing

Manual testing activities conducted at SPEC INDIA provide an unbiased, independent view of your software to put forward to you the real picture and portray the risks underlying if any, by identifying errors. Our competent testing teams get into the skin of the users themselves to replicate user behavior while confirming software reliability. The user interfaces and the user experience itself are put to test to determine and remove any unexpected bugs coming up especially during unusual user gestures. Unlike automated testing, this kind of testing requires human prudence to eradicate any possibilities of mistake by emulating user behavior.

Manual testing services by our testing teams include designing meticulous test plans, test cases and scenarios before actually conducting the manual tests and establishing user acceptance.

Needless to say, we conduct our tests with equal rigor, be they for third party testing, in house products and solutions testing or testing of custom software developed by us. We ensure that the software at your door step fulfills the requirements you started with, works as intended, keeps the end users happy by proving to be usable and is the same for the multitude of devices on which it is implemented.

Manual Testing

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