Third Party Software Testing Services

Outsourcing application software testing is the most effective option for businesses to ensure reliable and steadfast projects. It provides a complete Z-Axis view to the testing of the project and can unearth bugs and errors that probably were never envisaged. This is highly recommended for implementations of large and mission critical systems

As a software testing company, SPEC INDIA offers independent third party application testing services spanning the entire canvas of software release lifecycle. We ensure a process-driven approach in all our software testing activities. Our software testing department works closely with your Business and IT teams to define the QA procedures, standards and testing strategies. Our pool of experienced resources help you achieve your testing goals, budgets and timelines by managing increasing workloads & tight project deadlines in a cost effective manner with no compromise on the quality. Our Third party software testing services ensure we deliver the desired quality and fulfill the objectives of manual testing as well as test automation for your software at every stage of the SDLC.

The unbiased testing services offered by us assure supreme standards and provide you an end to end quality assurance. Faster releases of defect free software ensure high savings in cost and greater returns on investment (ROI) by following the industry best practices. As the services are transparent, there is always the scope of improvisation and correction. With our certified, experienced and trained testers, we bring in the industry best practices and experiences in our third party testing services, offering you testing services right from test planning, test cases preparation, test executions, bug tracking to test reports generation.

Our Testing Methods rely on both, conventional manual testing methods as well as the contemporary tools and frameworks for automated testing like Selendroid, Robotium, Selenium, Quick Time Pro and Load Runner to increase test efficiency many fold to improvise software quality. After deliberated permutations and combinations we design test plans that combine the right mix of manual and automated testing, thereby improving cost effectiveness in projects by increasing sharpness and coherence. The quality assurance team at SPEC INDIA, judiciously develops unrivalled test cases for most complicated scenarios to prevent and detect errors, we deliver tested applications that can commit with near zero post delivery defects. We offer flexible business models of engagement for associating with us for software testing with the added advantage of growing and shrinking a team size as well.

We conduct End to end application, performance, load and stress testing offering you a one stop solution for all your testing needs.

We believe in enforcing quality at every stage of the project development lifecycle, integrating the working of both our QA teams and your project development teams, making test processes a closely co-ordinated effort of both the teams.

In typical waterfall model projects, our QA teams will get involved in the project, right from the requirements study and analysis phase, giving them insights to draw up test strategies, test plans and test schedules. Test scenarios and test case preparation are prepared in the early stages of the project, taking inputs from the real life business scenarios. Once the developers carry out the unit testing, the modules are released for QA testing. Our QA along with the planned QA testing, also cross check the closure of the bugs posted by the developers during Unit testing. After the Integrated testing takes place, the test execution reports and results drive the development teams to rework and resubmit for testing. As and when necessary, test cases are modified to suit the scenarios. Conclusive test completion reports signify the end of the test process.

We have our own ticket management tool, which we use internally and also extend to our customers. This tool keeps the complete history of the tickets and is useful for issue analysis and deriving rework efforts and analysis. We provide this tool to our customers to report, monitor, analyze and, check status of reported bugs, during User Acceptance testing, warranty and post warranty. Our teams are well versed with available bug tracking tools like Jira, Bugzilla, Quick base etc, so if our customers prefer or have already implemented a particular bug tracking tool, then we use the same within the project. We provide a single Point of Contact from our end, who owns the project and is associated with our customers for day-to-day communication, query resolutions and assistance.

Deliverables for Third Party Testing Projects

  • Test Plans and Schedules.
  • Version controlled documentation for Test Cycles, Test sequencing, Test environment setup, Test Data
  • Test Cases (Functional, Integrated, Performance, System, Automated Testing)
  • Test Scripts (Automated Testing)
  • Periodic Progress reports
  • ┬áPeriodic Bug reports
  • Analysis, Feedbacks and Conclusions
  • Test Completion Reports

Testing Tools at SPEC INDIA

SPEC INDIA uses a broad spectrum of testing tools with deep insight to deliver reliable software and applications across devices and platforms. These testing tools support both the manual testing and automated testing, to yield flawless testing solutions.

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