Web Applications Development

SPEC INDIA possesses over 15+ years of experience in developing web applications and portals through our development center in India. We provide end to end solutions which include study and analysis, UI/UX design, development and testing, deployment and support.

Our design and development teams complement each other to give you a quick implementation of web applications with desired performance and cross platform compatibility. Features like responsive and adaptive web design make your websites intelligent and usable on contemporary or state of the art user devices like smartphones, tablets and others with their built-in browsers. Our key focus is on providing Uniform User experience across devices with smart user interfaces creating a lasting experience.

Website Application Development Services

Our website development services provide end to end solutions, building up an all in one package bundled together.

  • User Interface Design
  • Content Management design, development and integration
  • Web applications development, integration and deployment
  • Web server stress testing
  • Web site security analysis & testing
  • Parameter tampering, cookie poisoning , hidden fields manipulations and cross site scripting
  • Web site code optimization
  • SEO friendly
  • Interfacing to legacy applications

Our teams analyze the common vulnerabilities of a website exploited during a malicious activity. Our ability to understand a hacker’s psyche propels us to give the highest priority to web application security features and integrate them into all websites developed by us. We adhere to the coding practices set out by the Web Standards Project (WaSP) which aims to standardize HTML and CSS to achieve better interoperability amongst browsers, accessibility and uniform performances across devices. Websites developed at SPEC INDIA are W3C compliant and rank better in various search engines.

Websites where changes are not anticipated frequently and do not depend on any database for data content and would look the same every time, then in such situations, a static website would work the best. Our websites comply with the search engine optimization guidelines and are SEO friendly making your websites search sensitive.

Dynamic websites go a long way and are very useful to customers who have interactive and regular data to upload. We give precise solutions to maintain large volume of contents like texts, graphics and interactive forms interlinking them to the databases. Automatic rendering of pages using Responsive Design and Adaptive Design features is achieved according to the device’s browser.

The content of the website is managed dynamically through content management system. Our customized content management systems are value additions to your websites. We ensure that these premier websites build everlasting corporate brand values.

The first impression is the last impression. Our team analyzes your current website to remodel it with innovative ideas to re-design and enhance your existing website resulting in the increase of the brand value of your company with a positive bottom line.

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