Windows Mobile Application Development

The Windows Mobile genre of mobile operating systems from Microsoft, which is based on the .NET Windows Mobile Framework for smartphones and pocket PCs, is one of the oldest mobile platforms, whose journey began with Windows CE for handheld portable devices then moved on to Pocket PC 2000, based on Windows CE 3.0, and later to Windows Mobile operating system as is known today. The usage of Microsoft .Net Compact Framework & SQL CE as database makes this platform robust, trustworthy and stable.

Windows Mobile solutions has become an industry standard and a requirement by most of the large enterprises as it is the answer for apps for rugged devices which are designed to work in difficult environments with extreme temperatures, humidity or even underwater. Having Windows CE 5.0 as its basis, Windows Mobile boasts of features like shell and communications functionality. It promoted groundbreaking touch screen technology on extremely portable sizes in its time and even today.

One of the key strengths of SPEC INDIA is its support and development abilities for this platform. We possess the experience of delivering solutions using this platform for 15+ years. Using the strengths of this platform, our developers have created varied applications that enhance user experience with minimal storage on low memory devices

The Enterprise Handheld Solutions and Applications developed by SPEC INDIA in the last decade and a half using this platform only reconfirm our dominance in this technology. It is not a surprise then that our partnership with Honeywell Scanning and Mobility for developing enterprise wide feature rich industry solutions using their Automatic Identification and Data Capturing rugged hand held devices remains a successful endeavor.


For our developers creating Windows Mobile applications is almost as easy as creating desktop app assuring quick turnaround times for all your applications and Enterprise Mobility Solutions. Though its past glory is dwindling and giving way to Windows Phone platforms, Windows Mobile Applications Development environment remains a trusted and reliable environment for small devices.

Windows Phone Application Development

SPEC INDIA’s solutions and applications using Live Tiles, OneDrive, superlative keyboard, wireless charging, seamless connection, social networking sites and Bing apps using the power of steadfast Windows Phone on smartphones, tablets, PDAs and handhelds.

Looking to the popularity and demand, our flagship Sales Force Automation Solution which has its beginnings in the Windows Mobile is now launched for Windows Phone as well. This windows based application is an end to end solution with mobile client, web based back office and communication services, developed for Windows phones and caters to diverse features like Route management, Order Management, Sales Returns, Customer Feedback, Receipts, Surveys and other tasks required by the e mobile sales force.

  • Runs under very low memory and storage availability
  • Browser support for Internet Explorer Mobile
  • Basic required UI components available in .net compact framework SDK
  • Support for COM and DCOM, low level Services and for a full-range of storage features
  • Enables installing a custom or third party file system
  • Database support for SQL CE, besides other databases
  • Competent security features
  • Use of System registry for storing data of applications, drivers, user preferences, and other configuration settings
  • TrueType and raster font technologies
  • Support for 2-D and 3-D graphics
  • DirectDraw API supported
  • Imaging API which for various still-image codec
  • Audio Compression Manager, which manages audio codec's, audio format conversion
  • Integration of Web Services
The Windows team @ SPEC develops applications and apps for Windows Phone using Microsoft .Net Compact Framework as the driving force behind various technology expertise for Windows.

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