10 Expert eCommerce Tactics for a Booming Holiday Season

  • Posted on : October 29, 2016
  • Modified: March 4, 2022

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : eCommerce

One of the most awaited periods during the year is the Holidays and once they arrive, eCommerce business sees a drastic boost in business and revenue generation. Irrespective of the size of the segment, eCommerce organizations plan their holiday strategies in order to arrive at a profitable and lucrative business. Holiday season is a huge responsibility as well as a golden chance to boom business multi-fold. Online store development needs a lot of prior planning and management with a foresight of how the online market will be.

With consumers spending more time online, eCommerce Website Development is likely to drive more and more holiday activities and attract all the more visitors to turn into clients. Online shopping is the most preferred method for holiday seasons and hence a superior performance is needed and needs a lot of advance preparation. In order to achieve these digital holiday activities, the most critical factor is planning well in advance. eCommerce is attaining popularity amongst patrons during the holiday season due to its suitability, product assortment and lesser prices. But when it comes to swift and efficient execution, it can be quite challenging and competitive. Tools & techniques like BI & Big Data are playing an important role in enhancing eCommerce business during holiday times.

eCommerce Development

There could be many unforeseen events on the way and hence needs advanced planning. Depending upon the previous year’s strategies and results obtained business owners need to start preparing themselves for the holiday season well in advance. They also need to consider the span of holiday period, which varies from holiday to holiday. At certain geographies, the holiday spans across almost a month whereas at certain places, it lasts for a few days. Hence, execution of plans has to depend on the basic nature and requirements of holiday seasons. If you look at the Big Billion Day that has struck a chord in the recent Holiday season, you come to know of what and how does the eCommerce industry function to its best during these periods.

10 Key eCommerce Best Practices to Ensure Happening Holidays

  • Start Early

Best advice ever! Start early – that is what most eCommerce marketers do not do and hence miss out on most of the important aspects. Early planning and execution ensures you don’t miss out on any aspect like security, inventory, advertisements, content management, financial integration and all others.

  • Setup Necessary Infrastructure

Ensuring you have the most up-to-date infrastructure is a must for a successful holiday run. With observations over the past performances, the necessary changes need to be made in the infrastructure so that those loopholes don’t repeat again. Performance of the website, payment gateways, necessary bandwidth for rush hours, in-stock inventory, additional staff management and security are the major areas that need a prior look.

  • Stand Out from the Rest

With so much peer competition all around, you need to be a tad different to be noticed instantly, be it on the site or through mail boxes. With innovative ideas and novel campaign methods, there has to be a special X factor to make your eCommerce site lucrative and different.

  • Data Collection & Usage

Through BI and Big Data, you can easily collect client information and use it in the best possible way. With accurate sales predictions, conversion ratios, pricing and inventory management at its best, the accumulated data will be useful and lead to a better business in the making. Even email chains can be operated through the whole lot of customer addresses which are gathered over the past.

  • Gift Cards

One of the most attractive ways of luring in business is offering Gift Cards to consumers in different categories with vivid varieties. That is a highly attractive feature for customers when it comes to sending physical gift cards / certificates.

  • Express Delivery

Often, consumers realize the fact that they haven’t shopped as yet and hence traverse around sites last minute to shop. At such times, offering an express delivery option would be a big relief to them, which most sites don’t. You need to boldly display this fact on the home page that even if the client shops at the last minute, he / she will get the parcel delivered on time. Also, a few set conditions for free packing and delivery also be set to attract more clientele.

  • Promotions / Offers / Discounts

It goes with human psychology – the moment curious customers see any type of discount / offer / promotion in any item, they are bound to get more and more attracted. Hence, whatsoever may be the total purchase cost; there should be some amount of discount applicable especially in the festive season. Offering gift cards, special discount schemes, giveaway to clients etc. are some of the tactics to ensure holiday upsell.

  • 24 * 7 Support

Supporting client all the time, round the clock enforces a strong sense of trust and security for you in the minds of the clients. Of course, along with that, you could promote your brands too.

  • Website Alignment

It is highly imperative to have your website align perfectly with your holiday strategy so that they look in sync. Offers to be promoted on the home page, special offer pages, shipping schedule details etc. should be mentioned very clearly.

  • Decorate your Site with Relevant Holiday Stuff

After all, you perceive what you see and once you see a beautifully decorated site with all the latest amenities, you are bound to get attracted. The special holiday feel should get reflected in the site and will surely boost the zeal of clients.

All in all, it does take pretty much effort to put up your eCommerce site as one of the sought after, amongst this widely spread pool of peers. But a little more focus and it can be achieved.

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