2,129,465 and Still Counting, Android Apps on Google Play Store

  • Posted on : May 9, 2016
  • Modified: June 24, 2022

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Android Vs Apple, Android Vs Windows; an endless debate ensues. But the fact of the matter is that the popularity and the success of Android is unquestionable and undebatable and Android apps development is going strong.

Android Applications

The two major reasons? Affordability and availability of devices to run Android on, besides any other reasons. The over one million active Android devices and their appealing price tags right from the very low to the quite high on the more stylish one are enough to grab a huge market share.

Business solutions and apps developed using Android apps development measure their success with the quick RoIs ensured. There is no reason to not believe that Android Apps on the Play Store are giving a run to Apple and Windows for sure.

The score is an amazing 2,129,465 and still counting for this fastest growing platform for developing diverse apps suiting all requirements. And they say that almost 1.5 billion apps and games are downloaded, hold your breath, every month.

The Genres of Android Apps

The Genres of Android Apps

Relying on the open community drives the technical finesse of Android. Innovative and creative ecosystem of this superbly comprehensive platform draws the developer community to create more and deliver better. For the smartphones, Wearables and Tablets powered by Android, there is no looking back.

Android Application Development Driving the Success of Enterprises

It is not that Android shoots to fame by chance. The platform spells success for businesses by the virtue of multiple reasons.

      • Largest User Base

The first reason for its popularity has to be the wide user base across the globe, with Android claiming almost 80% of the market share. Connecting to a large number of users is possible for businesses adopting Android to steer their solutions.

      • Lower Investments

A penny saved is a penny earned, they say. True definitely. For Android savings start on day one being an open source platform free of licenses and royalties. Upgrades are free and easily integrated without any tricky strategies for budgets.

      • Versatile and Modern

It is a versatile platform supporting a multitude of technologies apps and business solutions require today. Android fosters creativity & technical finesse required to cater to the needs of the apps and solutions.

        • Location based services
        • Scanners- Bar code & QR code
        • Multimedia & Graphics
        • Accelerometers
      • Supports Google Services

It goes without saying that the mentor for this platform Google and its services are the native features on Androids almost a second skin to most Android users.

        • Gmail
        • Gtalk
        • Google Drive
        • Google Maps
        • Google Calendar
      • Fast and Reliable Development & Testing

Quick RoIs come for software developed correctly, efficiently and fast. Android app development suits the bill like no other. Emerging as one of the most methodical approach to development, Android is conducive for any approach an enterprise chooses for the development of its apps and solutions depending on the intensity and scale of the projects.

        • Waterfall methodology
        • Extreme programming
        • Agile methodology
        • Rapid application Development

Testing tools for Android are easily handled and are comprehensive enough to ensure a fool-proof software.

      • Availability of Skilled Resources

Resources for Android are available easily as it is a Java based platform. The ease of availability of a mature workforce makes the development and testing faster and reliable.

      • Easy Customizations & Integrations

Customizations to Android based solutions and apps are easily possible and easily integrated into the enterprise solutions. Android based software is seamlessly integrated into the modern day CRMs, ERPs and other solutions supporting web applications, mobile applications, e-commerce solutions and are truly multichannel.

      • Regular Upgrades & Additions

Regular upgrades and additions ensure that Android apps remain way ahead of their times keeping in pace with the emerging needs and requirements of the businesses.

      • Distribution through Google Play Store

Android provides its host business multiple channels to distribute the apps and solutions increasing the market reach. Of course every business can resort to its own method of distribution as also creating their own personal stores for distribution among stakeholders.

The Numbers

Business specific apps, apps for customers and all other development requirements using Android assure a very quick RoI for the businesses. It is not a surprise that the Google Play Store boasts of a close to 2 million apps in February 2016. Android apps development is a hot thing in the mobile technology industry today.

As researched by Appbrain

Research By AppBrain

Interesting Android based Business Solutions & Apps from SPEC INDIA

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