5 Magical Tips to Create eCommerce Website that Converts Visitors into Clients

It was so very true when Bill Gates said – ‘If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business.’ This is exactly what has happened today in the e-world. Almost everything that we are doing is on the internet. eCommerce is the call for today and now with mCommerce also getting increasingly popular, it is most essential to build a highly robust, likeable and enthralling eCommerce website that aims to convert most of your visitors into actual clients. The fundamental back bone of any such website is the user experience. A good user experience, the client is here to stay and an unresponsive one, you lose your visitor. With umpteen such websites floating in the cyber space, there has to be something in your site that is distinctive and has the ability to attract visitors and make them stay over.

You offer your clients the best of user experience and they are sure to stay. It’s a proven fact that in two similar eCommerce websites, only owing to simple yet highly significant moves, there have been drastic positive moves in the sales and visitor figures. The burning question is what are the tips and tricks that indeed help in creating such a website that attracts visitors. The ‘E’ in the eCommerce isn’t that easy. As a custom eCommerce development company, it is all the more tough to stick to expectations and this is how you can do it with ease and simplicity.

ecommerce website design

5 Key Tips to Catch the Fancy of your Visitors on your eCommerce Website Design

With new innovations and technologies, we are all into a world of a mixed bag of New Commerce – call it eCommerce, mCommerce and so on. But whatsoever it may be, these thumb rules are here to stay as fundamental blocks of the entire setup.

  • Stimulating Landing Pages

First impression is the last impression and that is what matters the most to all visitor, including us, when we visit any eCommerce website. A visually appealing landing page with instant access to your desired sections and a highly attractive backdrop is something any visitor would be yearning for and once it is available, why would there be an exit at all? You look at the landing pages of all technology stalwarts and you will come to know what any visitor would be looking for – A Crisp, Sleek, Comprehensive coverage. Whatsoever may be the product category or product range, what catches your eye is how is it being displayed and how efficiently does the site facilitate you to reach your desired page?

  • Understand Visitor’s Personal Choices

Once a visitor sees that you and your website understand and are able to grasp what is needed, it surely turns out to be much more engaging and interesting and hence least chances of quitting the portal. Today, the leading eCommerce websites are experts in showcasing the last items that are purchased by you and based on that, come up with certain recommendation, which you may or may not adapt to.

This, in a way, starts creating a long lasting bond between the eCommerce service provider and the visitors. The moment the system alerts the visitor about what should be bought and what are the past preferences, the client feels a sense of togetherness and is magnetized by the aura of the entire setup.

  • Relevant Product Grouping

In this big ocean of products, there is so much to see in any website, that the visitor is all set to start getting confused, the moment the website opens. That is where the real art of making the client stick to the website lies. An organized and relevant product grouping is a sure shot welcomed step which allows the users to see what they really want and its related groups, making it faster and easier for clients to speedup the entire process for efficient eCommerce experience.

  • Purchase Process Optimization

Finally, it is the purchase that matters. No matter how alluring and big the purchase is, the visitor always looks for straight, simple and direct processes to be followed for a clean checkout. And that is what a shopping cart website design and development solution must ensure – taking the customer through a smooth process with a successful checkout with bare minimum entries and storing past address, choice and payment information for least re-entry while operating the site.

  • Design Support for Multiple Devices

Looking at today’s mobile genre, there are a variety of devices that are being used by visitors in order to visit an eCommerce Website. Apart from desktops and laptops, smartphones, tablets etc. are in vogue and hence your design must ensure a complete and successful launch and operation on that device, only then, will your visitor even think of staying back or traverse within the site. Else, there are many others waiting to snatch away the visitor from you and thereby, take away your prospective client.

Of course, the above don’t signify a complete DO’s for a successful website implementation but surely act as a power booster to the performance of the site as well as in converting visitors into happy customers. You need to move with the globe and that too at its pace.

There is so much to look forward to. It seems magical as we witness almost everything being possible with just a mobile device in our hands. Now, there aren’t many areas untouched by the magic wand of this beautiful world of eCommerce and now mCommerce. Let us wait and watch to experience further developments in mCommerce, making us proud of the manner in which technology is gently fusing into our lives, making itself an indispensible ingredient.

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