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  • Posted on : October 17, 2016
  • Modified: November 5, 2020

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : Custom Software

Coming up as one of the most sought after technology buzzword today, Gamification, though an old concept has come up a long way and has proven to be a game-changer for enterprises. This concept has been used to entice clients, increase productivity and prove useful to enterprises for enhancing their business. There are organizations, which still are not very keen for going into this arena, possibly because they have not yet sensed or experienced the power of this wonderful innovation. The intent of these Gamification Apps Solutions has made the life of employees and employers much simpler and easier and leveraging this power booster is bringing exhilarating aspects to the entire business domain, expanding the horizons of employees and their thought process. If utilized in the right manner, Gamification could lead to a high-end motivational factor for employees, leading directly to increased ROI and productivity.

8 Ways In Which Mobile App Gamification Can Drive Business Value

Mobile App Gamification

  • Teamwork

One big issue that enterprises face is the lack of association within employees and that is what Gamification attempts to eliminate to a large extent. Encouraging social connections within departments, reward/incentive/appreciation schemes for employees, inter-department meetings, displaying performance outputs on boards, increase social connections, undertake group projects are some of the important activities that increase teamwork and recognition of employees amongst the organization with a healthy competitive spirit increasing the concerted environment.

  • Problem Solving

Gamification can prove to be an opportunity to crowdsourcing if the enterprise utilizes client feedback from games and applies it onto business scenarios, to solve complex issues. This calls for increasing games that crowdsource information and collects accurate answers to solve realistic problems, earn points and thereby gain dual benefits – entertainment along with solutions.

  • Client Data Accumulation

Pick up any gamification media; they will always need an authentic login and valid email id to get inside. Imagine umpteen such entries flowing in per day, that would give your organization a huge bulk of information about who is visiting your site and what are they doing. While operating, there is a large amount of Big Data that will get accumulated and can be used up for getting valuable information and deeper insights for enterprises. Of course, there has to be a definite means of analyzing and extracting this heap of information.

  • Creativity

Creativity is an asset that often gets lost in the crowd of commitment and deadlines. It is a very normal scenario to observe employees, full of creative ideas, finding it tough to pitch in their thoughts across the already established ones with stringent deadlines and limits. At such time, gamifying innovation through idea based competitions could give a boost to the creative thinkers, also making them feel more important and special. Providing incentives to innovative ideas also proves beneficial to the employees as well as the business owners.

  • Educational Training

Gamified learning also comes across as a very well thought of output of gamification, with extensive training and encouragement being provided to employees. Self-learning – employees taking up their own development with ideas and professional progress, quizzes, and games – to retain and increase the interest of employees are few such gamifying ideas that work out pretty well.

  • Knowledge Sharing

Introducing clients to a new product, allowing users to test products in the form of games, teaching them how to operate, offering discounts are few ways of ensuring increased business as well as knowledge sharing between different stakeholders. This also leads to exchanging useful information for both entities, which may sound awkward but does work wonders.

  • Self Confidence

With all these above factors, something that really perks up is the self-confidence factor of an employee with a booming positive spirit and a will to move on further, with full-on enthusiasm. A healthy mind & spirit is what you attain when you really start loving what you do daily. These gaming elements work as a vitamin pill that perks you up and provides an amicable and fresh working culture all over.

  • Peer Competition

One good way of ensuring increased productivity is peer competition. Of course, with its gray areas to handle, there are many pros that can be utilized as powerful factors to increase a positive spirit and working zeal. With the peers performing their best in gamification, employees tend to get motivated. Understanding personal goals and aligning them to the organizational ones is very much needed and can be attained through this fun-filled technology. Badging, Points, Leaderboards, etc. are a few of the many gamification concepts creating waves today.

Gamification Apps Solutions have now expanded wings not limiting to simply amusing the customers, but adding on business value with the above factors. Changing the entire style of working to a more dynamic version, this technology has made goal achievement a simpler and interesting task than before, enhancing the organizational as well as individualistic creativity and dynamism. The advent of mobile devices integrated with Enterprise solutions owing to the BYOD approach has made Gamification a wonderful experience.

As a mobile application development company, @ SPEC INDIA, our solutions help extend the back office data required by the field force and converge into a trilogy for addressing and adapting to the changing needs of enterprise; Employees, Customers and Mobile Devices. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) enhances the usage of enterprise mobility thereby improvising productivity and enabling enterprises to realize a faster RoI.


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