A Glimpse at Highlights of Google I/O 2014

Google I/O 2014 – an annual mega event, organized by the search giant “Google” has always lured the entire IT community and created curiosity in what new is it going to offer this time. This year, it was organized in San Francisco and had a large community gathered to witness the innovative and novel ideas in the offering.


With a clear focus on Android coming up with new attractive gadgets and products, Google engineers exhibited the following:

Latest Android OS “L” – This new OS showcased interface related features like lending pixels ‘depth’ and providing larger dimension to onscreen objects. Physical surfaces to have perspective and shadows with more accuracy. Android L consists of more than 5000 APIs. Running along with Android Runtime, speed of apps have increased and garbage collection lessened. A better management of notifications is also on the prime feature list of Android L.

Android Wear for Smartwatches – An operating system for smart watches, Android Wear is utilized on wearable devices and is an extension to the smartphones used by the end user. There is a certain amount of integration where in notifications will be exchanged from the phone as well the new gadgets. Features such as appointments, weather update, emails and messages are highlights of this OS.

Android TV – A platform which can be incorporated into smart TVs, set top boxes and video game consoles has been launched called ‘Android TV’. It can be controlled and monitored through smartphones, tablets or video games. Google search assists Android TV to search for specific criteria and thereby fetch instant required results. Partnership with leading giants like Sony and Sharp is being considered to launch this product. It allows users to shuttle between the streaming apps like Netflix, video games and downloaded movies.

Android Auto – A wonderful in-vehicle experience inside your car, which allows voice messages, choice of music, making calls and so on to be passed from your Android device to the car’s in-dash screen. It has screen casting features which combine your car with your smartphone.

Chromecast via Cloud – A novel feature which lets the user cast the content to the TV existing near-by without WiFi connection and through the cloud.


As always, Google I/O 2014 has successfully enthralled its audience to look forward to the above creations and start implementing them. SPEC INDIA, your mobility partner, has been implementing various projects in Android, iOS, HTML5, Windows Phone and have been at the maximum, trying to be in synchronization with the latest happenings around. Do visit us at www.spec-india.com to have a look at our expertise, offerings and our skilled sets.

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