Android 5.0 Lollipop – Definitely a Sweet New Take on Android

  • Posted on : October 17, 2014
  • Modified: November 5, 2020

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : Android

So what were we waiting for? Just the name? I surely was! The Android names down the years have fascinated me beyond imagination. And my sweet tooth only aches for more!




The Android L teaser at the Google I/O and the frenzy that Android Wear created all around beginning this year has only proved as again, that Android shows the way in mobile applications. And now after the Developer Preview, we have it on our screens too! The cute and colorful Android 5.0 Lollipop. Of course as we all knew, the new Android ticks on our watches, flashes on our TVs and drives our cars with equal sophistication. And it is the master of our phones and tablets with élan. All screen sizes all device sizes with Android 5.0 Lollipop.


The cross platform Material Design is the master stroke from Google with its bold and colorful responsive User Interface to keep us rooted with our Androids. The much improved media keeps us focused on the sweet things in life!


And it is not only the looks! Technology on the front foot keeps our devices powered for more time with better battery lives. The safety net of Android L not only keeps the data on the phone safe but even ensures that our privacy is protected even if the phone is lost. Device Sharing promotes safe and secure sharing with friends and family with newly added features like Android Beam.


The Feature List (that needs no mention actually)

• Material Design

A lot, actually much more has been discussed about this bold and captivating cross platform design from Google. The sharp colors, real lights & shadows and responsive natural motions make the User Experience intuitive and realistic. Use it to feel it.

• Battery Life

The technology for extended battery life extends the use of the device by an hour and a half easily. The best thing is that the time estimated to charge the device fully is always displayed as soon as plugged in.

• Safe and Secure

Encryption is always turned on so when a lost device falls into someone’s hands there is nothing much that can be done with the data. SELinux is always on the look out for malware and other malicious on goings.

• Device Sharing

I will be more assured now when my nine year old asks for the phone to call his friend. Multiple users for a phone using Lollipop is a dream come true. So I only share my phone and not what I have on the phone. And If I forget my phone I simply log in using any one else’s phone to access my contact list and other info.

• Connectivity

Switching between networks is smoother and without us realizing what happened. Logical switching ensures we use Cellular Data the least and switch on to Wi-Fi networks whenever the device is within a verified Wi-fi network range.

• Performance

Android Runtime ART ensures impeccable speed, efficiency and responsiveness in performances.

• Notifications

My device is going to be mine! Finally I will be able to adjust my notifications and decides who can get through to me and not; simply because I am busy or really not in a mood to. The Downtime options also would put me in charge of when I would call it a day. With Lollipop around, incoming calls will not cause interruption while watching or playing. The choice to ignore would finally be mine!


Google now lets you and me speak in more that 65 languages. “OK Google”, now that’s cool!


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