Android App Development with Kotlin – Heralding the Future!

A novel, open source language for contemporary, multiplatform applications that is creating news – Kotlin is based on JVM and has been introduced as the supported language for Android. Isn’t that a great news? For developers involved in Android App Development, it certainly is. This statically typed programming language has been an innovative find by JetBrains programmers from Russia and that is where the name comes from – the name of an island close to their home place in Russia. Kotlin comes with high class Android Support Studio. In the annual Google I/O 2017, it had been announced as the first class language for Android. This gave a big boost to the users of Kotlin, increasing almost multifold and that was it, Kotlin never had to look back for its acceptance. Since then, there is an increasing number of Android developers who are enjoying the Kotlin programming and making the best Android apps with its assistance. Ranging from new startup companies to huge conglomerates, developers are choosing Kotlin as their primary programming language, since they are finding it much easier, simplified, productivity oriented and efficient.

Android App Development

As we see that Android App Development has made enterprises go places, the involvement of Kotlin as the first programming language with Android is sure to bring in further success and acceptance all over the globe. Kotlin support is now embedded into the IDE available with the recent release of Android Studio 3.0 and is now an official entry into the documentation list of Android.

Here is a video that gives a brief about this wonderful language that has been creating news all over – Watch Video

Organizations have been using Kotlin since a long time now and that too known names line Pinterest, Square etc. But with one of the technology giants Google supporting it, there is going to be a much larger scope and spread for this wonderful language. Yes, it does make you wonder how it will compete with the almost two decade old programming language Java, which has been ruling the globe on a very leading basis. Time is here to tell.

What makes Kotlin Increasingly Popular for Android App Development?


  • Kotlin is Open Source

Kotlin is available as an open source project under Apache 2.0, just the way Android is. Being open source is the very first link that associates Kotlin with Android and ensures that both grow in synchronization with each other.

  • Kotlin Demands Lesser Coding Efforts

Kotlin has been designed in such a way that there is lesser necessity of coding efforts as compared to peer languages like Java. It, thus is happy news for developers and hence very well accepted by the developer community.

  • Kotlin Offers Interoperability

Kotlin can, with ease, gel well with its counterpart languages and that makes it much more likeable by developers. It lets you utilize its features without much changes in the current setup and hence it becomes a way easier for developers to continue their projects with Kotlin embedded in.

  • Kotlin has a Smaller Learning Curve

Unlike other languages, Kotlin can be adapted very easily and does not require a long time to understand it. With sufficient documentation around, Kotlin, because of its natural and lean syntax showcases an edge higher than the others.

  • Kotlin is Free of Cost

Since it is open source, there are no cost factors associated with it. Just install it and you are set to convert existing files into Kotlin with the convertor tool. Saving a lot on the time and effort portion, Kotlin makes your development lifecycle shortened and faster.

A Popular Evaluation: The Kotlin – Java Comparison

Ever since Kotlin has entered the IT scenario, developers are thrilled to be working on it for Android App Development, but that surely does not indicate the descent of Java Application Development, who has been the masters of all programming languages. No wonder, with newer technologies entering in, the older ones may face competition since there will always be newer features in the upcoming language. But, what is yet to see is how well and how consistently is Kotlin able to face the monopoly of Java that has been ruling over the globe since years together. No doubt, Kotlin has tried its best to interoperate perfectly with Java and so a shift of existing programs from Java to Kotlin shouldn’t be difficult but still, time is the only answer to a perfect comparison and evaluation. We wait till the globe uses both of them in parallel.

There are some things that Java has and Kotlin does not have, there are some things that Kotlin has and Java does not have. It is too soon to judge which one takes over the other.

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