Android App Development Makes Enterprises Go Places

Mobile technologies would easily be the most discussed of them all. With a sea of devices and operating systems to choose from it is a tough call for enterprises to select the mobile app development platforms for their solutions.

Android is steady at the top of the charts as a preferred technology for enterprises as compared to iOS or Windows. With a huge range of devices available with Android, technology goes full throttle in enterprises from a variety of domains and industries and Android development is the buzz word everywhere.

Android Application Development

Android App Development for All

There are many reasons why Android becomes the favorite with many.

Conducive & Quick Java Enabled Platform

Android development is done using Java and has a very rich library set. Enterprises obtain Java easily since Android is open source and there are many developer communities sharing code and components.

Low Investment Costs

Android when compared to other mobile app development platforms, has very low startup expenses. There is a free Kit for Software Development available to the community of developers, fostering app development without the issues of procuring a license.

Affordable Hardware

Android based devices are easier on the pocket especially as compared to their Apple counterparts. An enterprise investing in Android based apps for its enterprise solution, is bound to incur minimal expenses and yet obtain dependable and contemporary hardware is made available to the organization workforce.

BYOD Friendly & Portable

The top on the charts jargon, BYOD means that the enterprise expects to cater to all sorts of devices accessing its systems. Android based solutions are easily portable to most other mobile operating systems. By the virtue of being developed in Java, Android app development offers the required security as well.

Loyal Customers & Happy Users

The enterprise applications developed using Android are accessed by users across the spectrum for the organization, through multiple channels. Android based solutions ensure satisfaction because of a consistent and flawless user experience across devices.

Relying on Android app development increases the enterprise value, popularity and user satisfaction. Moreover, android applications also establish improved connections between the enterprise and its current as well as potential clients with ease and comfort, ensuring a loyal and wide customer base leading to a quicker RoI.

Easy Customizations

Android app development is used for easy customizations to the enterprise solutions without much hassle. Enterprises easily evolve their Android based systems in terms of the features, hardware compatibilities, data stores as well as networking capabilities.

Returns on Investments (ROIs)

As investment costs are low and efficiency at par as other platforms, an enterprise achieves noticeable Returns on Investments along with other business efficiencies with android applications.

Enterprise solutions created with android app development measures comfortably against Key performance Indicators of an organization.

Android Better than iOS?

This is an endless debate. Android or Apple? Many enterprises prefer Android over iOS as it has an arguably more useful and strong connection with the Google ecosystem of services which the enterprise can avail to maintain a cost effective and stable system.

Though experts remain divided over the UI/UX, security and other native features in both, Android is a preferred choice for mobile app development for enterprises chiefly because of cost, choice of devices and ease of change of device.

The Future is Here – BYOD Comes to Schools With Google & Android

Enterprises bring up an image of a power house business house, but today we have schools making the most of technology, turning students into little users who bring in their own devices to classroom.

They collaborate with educators and other peers to discuss & share work and also to submit assignments. Parents form an important part of this collaboration to keep a track of the on goings and performances of their wards. The scenario could be a traditional classroom, group studies or one to one sessions. Devices like smartphones and tablets connect to each other, as well as to the e-boards to transfer ideas and jotting downs.

Android becomes a technology of choice for such solutions transforming classrooms, mostly again because it is an affordable, stable and handy to use technology. Google for Education; a solution for both teachers and students, adds the power of Google ecosystem to this solution. Google Drive, Google Docs and Gmail are seamlessly integrated during this Android App Development offer a comprehensive & unique solution to make learning fun!

In a Nutshell

Android Application development makes its mark in a variety of domains and industries. Going beyond the better known ones like manufacturing & Production, Sales & Distribution, FMCG, Retail and Supply Chains; it also becomes a way of life for various fields like Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Education, Hospitality, Travels and more.

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