Android Wear And The Magic Of Lollipop

  • Posted on : December 16, 2014
  • Modified: November 5, 2020

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : Android ,   Wearables

Devices are changing, becoming funkier and much more useful. From our pockets and palms we find them now on our wrists. The all new Android 5.0 Lollipop ticks on our watches, flashes on our TVs and drives our cars with equal sophistication. Android Wear connects our phone to the wrist and further. The possibilities are innumerable.


Putting Android Wear to use requires us to be more imaginative, intuitive and techno savvy rather than being a geek.



Using Android Wear involves the usual getting and sending of text messages of the phone on the wrist. The powerful watch can be turned into our very own play station by keeping downloads of favorite music on the watch itself. Listening to the soothing numbers when on the move or exercising without the hassle of carrying the phone is so possible. And not to forget that the very moment when the phone is drained out of the battery and there is this urge to play music is a welcome moment now on.


Keeping healthy is the new age wealth. Walking, running, biking and hopefully even swimming is tracked by the ever increasing fitness apps for speed and distance using the GPS support. Carrying the meddlesome phone everywhere is a thing of the past. Keep track of all our activities with daily summaries showing step counts and heart rates are a cake walk today.


Knowing exactly how fast or slow the chances of reaching the destination are, help us to know what to expect. The GPS Support and Navigation features together foresee the time to be taken for the commute; be it the metro or the car. So getting to know how long it will take us to get to work while we’re getting ready in the morning is like the Oracle coming to the rescue and telling us if we can squeeze in the time to grab the piping hot coffee on the go. Just say “Ok Google navigate to…” to get turn by turn navigation to the destination. And of course knowing the weather forecast early in the morning without the need to make the frantic search for the remotes is a dream come true for all of us. It is good to look forward to a bright and sunny day or expect a gloomy one and plan bright things instead to keep up the spirits!


All throughout the day knowing the next appointment and the next task to be done at home as well, without checking the calendars and reminders, just with a simple glance and say “Ok Google” by setting location-based or time-based reminders is a new lifestyle change. The reminders just keep appearing on the wrist. Even the texts, instant messages and emails appear as soon as they arrive so we know what action to take when.


The voice search feature brings the indispensible Google Search engine to the wrist itself! Just say “Ok Google” to get the information needed and ask anything, just anything under the sun. You can even use ok Google to create notes and Keep them in the Watch too.


Technology offers to us possibilities on a platter. It is up to us to put it to use in the best of the ways; intuitive and imaginative.


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