Angular JS 2.0 To Revolutionize UI/UX Development

  • Posted on : January 27, 2016
  • Modified: November 5, 2020

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : Angular ,   Java ,   UI UX

User Experience gets its due importance since the last few years. End users experimenting with devices and gadgets, thinking beyond the usual ways to work and live compels system developers to plan uniform UI/UX Development for the various software for devices of all shapes and sizes.

An engaging User Experience with competent User Interfaces is one of the driving forces behind the success of software today.

Angular JS, or Angular and its specific adaptation for JavaScript- Angular JS 2.0 or Angular 2; the version today is an open-source web application framework. It is a very renowned, established and stable frontend with Node.js runtime and MongoDB database excelling in UI/UX development.

Angular JS 2.0

The Overview Of Angular

Angular JS is the perfect extension of HTML in terms of flexibility & features. While HTML was initially not designed for dynamic views or pages, Angular JS leverages features like data binding & controller that allows developers to create purposeful web apps with clarity and fluidity.

  • The Angular JS Concept was originally visualized in 2009 and finally the latest in Angular; AngularJS 2.0 was announced at the ng-Europe conference 22 -23 September 2014. Angular JS 2.0 is now available in the Beta version.
  • The developers claim it is fast, better suited for mobile web performance and flexible with multi-language support. Angular JS 2.0 introduces a single framework for desktop & mobile.

Mobile-First Design And Development For Better UI/UX Development With Angular JS 2.0

Angular JS 2.0 offers niche techniques in handling single-page websites, keeping client-side data binding and DOM manipulation simpler. Resources of Angular JS 2.0 can be added to other mobile development applications, making it the chosen tool for mobile app development. With Angular Universal for server-side rendering and Web Workers for smooth scrolling and transitions, Angular 2 solves the core challenges in mobile web performance.

  • Essential mobile components such as overlays, sidebars, switches, scrollable areas, navigational bars and more keeping missing in many other platforms. Angular JS counters this issue and offers a rich component set
  • Contemporary and relevant mobile experiences are achieved through its robust libraries
  • This technology is extremely easy to learn, compile and integrates easily with the backend and more
  • The compatible syntax makes Angular JS 2.0 simpler for porting desktop applications to mobile devices
  • Keeping in tune with the demands of mobile devices, Angular JS 2.0 offers features to facilitate fully responsive touch-enabled interfaces across devices
  • Simplistic application development with HTML vocabulary extension makes the development quick and crisp

Studies indicate that by 2017, mobile apps are likely to be downloaded 268 billion times with the significant increase in revenue, making Angular JS 2.0 all the more important as it helps resolve core challenges with mobile web performances

Benefits of using Angular 2 For UI/UX Development

  • Two-way data binding ensures clean decoupling of data
  • Text property to bind to UI can be seamlessly set up with Angular JS
  • Enables developers to express UI declaratively
  • Massive parallel development possible with Angular JS development
  • New HTML elements and attributes can be set up with a “directive” scenario of Angular JS
  • Developers can manage client state better, including permissions, properties and certain browser display concerns for applications with Angular JS
  • As mentioned earlier, Angular JS 2.0 is capable of supporting single-page applications, which are more responsive and tend to reduce network traffic as well as server load

Knowing More Of Angular 2

Angular 2 is available for Typescript, JavaScript as well as Dart. The JavaScript flavor is obviously christened Angular JS 2.0

  • It offers an extensible framework that can merge with other libraries easily
  • It is quite flexible and besides supporting the various languages, also supports both object-style data structure and functional reactive style too.
  • Data binding ensures that the view remains updated as and when the model changes. Effectively, the web developer does not have to worry about document object manipulation (DOM)
  • Controllers are available with Angular JS that express the behavior in an appropriate readable format
  • By and large, an Angular JS 2.0 code is easy to maintain, reuse and test; making it a reliable choice for developers
  • Sufficient online help, support, and samples available to help new developers make it very conducive to research, learn and invest in

SPEC INDIA demonstrates mature insight into the importance and usability of the various mobile devices and the importance of developing mature software that helps create a consistent user experience. SPEC INDIA invests in research and development best practices for UI/UX development using contemporary techniques like Angular JS 2.0


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