Apple Watch – The Last Word on Wearables

  • Posted on : March 16, 2015
  • Modified: January 8, 2020

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
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A design to be worn and that too from Apple, is not only worth waiting for, it is worth dying for! Apple Watch coming to the stores on the 24th of April 2015 is a milestone in technology from the technology giant. Finally, its much awaited debut in the wearables technology. A late entrant at that, Apple makes sure it has the last word.


2014 was a landmark year for the wearables technology. To start with, as a fresh new approach, technology is accessorized with all the smart watches, glasses and lenses flooding the market. Be it Android Wear or iOS, technology makes a fashion statement today. The wearables take us through our day just as a personal assistant would; prompting us about meetings and schedules, alerting us about what we missed, keeping a check on the fitness goals and much more. Quite simply, technology becomes increasingly relevant in our day to day lives and more so with the simpler tasks. Who would have thought a few years ago that help coming from intuitive technology every moment of the day would give us the little pleasures!


And the launch of the Apple Watch on March 9, 2015 creates a buzz with elegance – an uncontested trademark of the company when it comes to devices; meeting life techniques. The master not only unveils the much awaited watch, but also made three other very interesting announcements.


The first announcement; the futuristic association with HBO to launch HBO NOW – a TV viewing experience available on iPhone, iPad and the Apple tv is all set to change the way we see our favorite programmes. With no cable or satellite subscriptions required it promises big changes in the TV world. The second announcement; the new Macbook Pro with Retina display and Force Touch track pad powered by the latest processors kept up the interest of the Apple enthusiasts. Macbook Pro is thin, light and powerful and couples with the ever so radical OS X Yosemite. The third announcement; ResearchKit- an open source software framework for medical researchers, revolutionalizing their studies to make medical help more methodical and fruitful for all.


And of course, the center of attraction at the event was the watch itself. The Watch, the Watch Sport or the Watch Edition- there is a watch for everyone!


Elegance and panache is a trademark here. Simple, realistic design with style, without overwhelming us with technology is what it takes to design this very desirable gadget. Simple movements and fluid navigations respond to our gestures in the most natural ways. User experience just got better!!


Technology Treat with the Apple WATCH


Retina Display


The high pixel density of the Retina display on the watch makes every glance at the watch easy on the eye. The blending in of images and text is so smooth and sharp that we are assured that we would never need a second look.


Power Efficiency


This is a device designed to be on the go. And it remains that way too, all through the day at least up to 18 hours.


Force Touch


Sensing touch with Multi-touch takes a back seat when we get introduced to Force Touch in the user interface of the watch. Force Touch differentiates a tap from a press adding a new dimension to sensing capabilities bringing up additional controls in apps or carrying out any other tasks.


Taptic Technology


This is the latest buzz word. A tap on the wrist when we receive an alert or notification from inside the watch. Engaging the human senses with haptic feedback takes the user experience beyond technology. No one can beat this one when it comes to the UI/ UX. Not as yet.


A watch that goes beyond keeping time


Apple Watch goes much beyond time keeping. It communicates and records health data with equal aplomb as well.


  • Notifications appear on the watch face and allowing a lift up the wrist to read it or just lowering of the arm to reject


  • Receive calls, and speak into the watch or just silence them by covering the screen with hand
  • Transfer calls to iPhone as an option


  • Read emails and manage them on the watch for being in touch easily
  • Transfer the emails to the iPhone to tap in the details


  • A combination of a heart rate sensor and an accelerometer on the watch with the GPS on the iPhone keeps a tab on workouts and activities of the day.

The watch is all geared up to give out real-time notifications for all incoming messages, calls and emails; very gentle taps and other methods we would love.


iPhone and the Apple WATCH. Complementing Each Other


The watch is always connected to the phone. Quick interactions are fine from the watch, but for detailed communications like typing a message, email or even a longer call, the communications transfer effortlessly onto the iPhone.


The Watch becomes a Part of Our Lives


The magic unfolds with a custom designed chip harboring complete computer architecture on a single chip as the focal point of this very elegant time piece, leaving us wondering if this is a computer or a watch.


Apple Watch learns about our schedules and happenings in our lives. Gentle alerts to help us keep up pace with life and notifications to help keep a track of communications missed. The watch is all set to become indispensible and a true companion – a part of our lives.



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