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  • Posted on : January 27, 2012
  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : Custom Software

The main issue faced by the business these days is the lack of ability to manage and share data among different applications strategically. In the past applications developed were not flexible enough. The design and architecture of these legacy applications didn’t allow system re-usability. So the most important question now is how to overcome this by keeping the existing system unchanged.

SPEC INDIA offers three different approaches:

  • Transformation: In this approach we would re-analyze the requirement and match available functionality for design re-implementation.
  • Re-engineering: In this approach we would analyze by breaking the system by functional components to identify different interface between them, in order to develop an object-oriented substitute each of this components.
  • Interfacing: In this approach new roles and interfaces are defined for each subsystem, and new GUI is developed for object wrapper of each subsystem.

SPEC INDIA has vast experience in successfully integrated systems for some of our esteemed clientele spread worldwide. We have interfaced cross platform system through custom & third party API’s, web services and flat files. We offer specialized integration services for:

  • Data Integration
  • System Integration
  • Application Integration
  • Web Integration
  • Integrating with legacy system

We implement the best approach that suits your business cases. Apart from legacy system this solution can also be integrate with small and enterprise level systems. Our interface can exchange information with diverse systems like Sales Data Warehouse, Billing, Account Receivable, Handheld Device, 3rd Party Logistics, Warehouse Management System etc.

For more details regarding application interface development services you can write to us at and one of our business executives will revert back to you within 24 hrs.


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