Best Features Of iOS 7

Anxious moments are over, here is iOS 7 with ultimate bunch of new features.

This new iOS, iOS 7 is a radical departure from every generation of iOS that came before and introduced some first-for-Apple features. Not only has apple given new cleaner and elegant look and feel but it has also introduced tons of new features and updates to core apps.

Registered iPhone developers get the new iOS 7 beta from today itself, but waiting is not yet over for iPad developers as they need to wait for a few more weeks.

Supported devices: iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 2, iPad third generation iPad fourth generation, iPad mini, iPod touch fifth generation

Apple Releases iOS 7 Features

iOS 7 Features
iOS 7 Features

Listed below are the best new features:
1. Modern elegant design
2. A better Notification Center
3. Multitasking
4. iTunes Radio
5. AirDrop
6. Smarter Siri
7. Rich Camera and Photos apps
8. Safari
9. Anti theft features
10. New Gestures
11. Control Center
12. Upgraded core apps ands more…

1. Modern elegant design:
• Apple wrote for it’s introduced new design “When something is designed to work beautifully it tends to look that way too”.
• After seeing the whole new look, you are surely going to say yes “it looks that way”.
• Its modern and simplified style, cleaner and indeed flat design are the hallmarks of iOS 7.
• It features a whole new colour palette, new icons, new typography and a new structure.

2. A better notification center:
• Notification center has been entirely changed to provide information’s about today’s news like birthdays, weather, upcoming events from the calendar, stocks and more.
• The notification center now splits your notifications in three categories to make them more intelligent.
• Categories are All, Missed, and Today which gives today’s latest notifications.
• The center will now also appear on the lock-screen.
• And once you dismiss a notification, center removes it from notifications.

3. Multitasking:
• Multitasking is a smarter way to switch between apps.
• Now just by pressing the Home button twice, you will have preview screens of the apps you have opened and when you want to quit an app, just swipe it up and it goes out of preview, isn’t that simple?.
• iOS 7, knows what you want to do before you do, because iOS 7 remembers when you like to use your apps and according to that it updates your content in apps before you launch them.
• iOS7 will now also update apps automatically and will update in groups smartly during power-efficient times.

iOS 7 Features
iOS 7 Features

4. iTunes Radio
• iTunes Radio,similar like Pandora, is an ad-supported streaming music service for free built on top of iTunes.
• Using iRadio, you can play pre-loaded stations/stations created based on what you prefer to always listen to and create your own radio station and other similar services.
• You can also listen to ad-free iTunes Radio, if you have subscribed to iTunes Match.
• iRadio is also available on Macs, PCs and Apple TV.

5. AirDrop
• Sharing content is now much easier and secure.
• Airdrop is like Apple’s answer to NFC.
• Now you can efficiently share photos, videos, contacts and anything else from any app with your near and dear ones by just clicking on a Share button.
• Tap on share and select the person with whom you want to share any data/content and AirDrop does the rest for you.
• You are automatically visible in airdrop to people in your contacts.
• You can also choose to be visible or not in airdrop to others.
• Recipients can choose to save data and received data will be stored.
• Availability: iPhone 5, iPad (4th generation), iPad mini, and iPod touch (5th generation).

6. Smarter Siri
• An another big update is the new Siri. It’s got a new interface and services.
• New service includes answers to your questions now from Twitter, Wikipedia and Bing in addition to google.
• It can now also control more of your device like playing back your voicemails, turning on or off Bluetooth, increasing or decreasing screen brightness and more.
• It also offers a new better voice for English, French and German.

7. Rich Camera and Photos apps
• Camera in iOS 7 will provide different shooting formats like still, video, panorama, and square – front and center.
• With a swipe, you can capture anything the way you want. While capturing, you will have effects, filters in your camera app.
• Organizing photos becomes much easier with the introduction of Collections, Moments, and Years, which provides smarter groupings of photos and videos based on the place and time and year the photos were captured.
• Availability:

Filters in Camera: iPhone 5 and iPod touch (5th generation).
Filters in Photos : iPhone 4 or later, iPad (3rd generation or later), iPad mini, and iPod touch (5th generation).
Panorama: iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and iPod touch (5th generation).
Square and video formats and swipe to capture: iPhone 4 or later, iPad (3rd generation or later), iPad mini, and iPod touch (5th generation).

8. Safari
• Safari becomes much better, faster and bigger, as buttons and bars can be hidden until you scroll to make them appear.
• Now Safari has unified smarter search field. While you type any URL, it gives you the closest match to your url to make searching faster.
• New tab view is introduced to see open webpages. It is now possible to view more than 8 pages, in a combined view and you can just swipe it off to close a page.
• Now you can also go back and forth with just a swipe.
• With better bookmarks and reading list options, you can see shared links in twitter timeline and their details.
• Now iCloud can remember your account names and passwords, and also credit card numbers, thus safari can enter them automatically whenever you need to sign in to a site or shop online.

9. Anti theft features
• Apple has introduced a new security upgrade for lessening crimes involving stolen iOS devices.
• “Find my iPhone” app is an already existing solution. With this app, , it is possible to simply turn off devices and wipe them before re-selling them.
• But with a new “Activation Lock” setting, no one will be able to reactivate an iPhone without your user name and password.

10. New Gestures
• Apple has added a new sliding, swipe gesture to a number of apps, core apple apps that help make user experience richer and better and also make usage of app easier.

11. Control Center
• Control Center provides you quick access to the controls and apps which are needed frequently.
• Just swipe up from any screen including the Lock screen, and you can do things like turn Wi-Fi on or off, switch to Airplane mode, adjust the brightness of your display or shine a light on things with a new flashlight.

12. A) Upgraded core apps
• Apple core apps got a new look and new features in the new iOS, iOS 7.
• Weather app will now have a a live look with animations like rain or snow .
• Calendar app now gets a new cleaner white look with functionalists like swipe between days, turn to landscape to see a week in advance and zoom out to see the month or year.
• Mail app will now let you take action on inbox messages with a swipe.
• Safari app and camera app also have been revamped.
• Game center gets a new icon and a new look.

B) More :
• iCar integration
• Appstore with new Kids category and Popular Apps Near Me
• FaceTime and iMessage with default block feature
• Faster access to stoplight by pulling down on any home screen to search the iPhone.
• Walking directions built-in to Apple Maps in iOS 7.
• Features like better management of app licenses, wireless app configuration, enterprise single sign-on support and data and work protection, especially for people in business.

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