Beyond Delivering for FMCG, Contemporary Vehicle Tracking Software

Supply chain management is a critical aspect for efficient management of FMCG operations. Keeping the inventory completely under check is more than unavoidable for an enterprise dealing with Fast Moving Consumer Goods.

The overheads of storing and curating inventory, especially if perishable, are largely reduced with the introduction of a Just in Time approach. A GPS Vehicle Tracking System not only keeps a check of inventory and goods on the go, but also prudently schedules deliveries with a JIT approach creating a more efficiently managed supply chain. A logistics network powered with VTS is a huge value addition for enterprises.

VTS System

VTS for Efficient Goods Deliveries in FMCG

Timely delivery of products is of utmost importance for fast moving consumer goods to ensure that the dealers and retailers have their supplies on time. Delays in deliveries create a negative impression amongst the customers as they return empty handed. Since the competition is very high for FMCGs, a missed opportunity means ensured customers for others in the league.

A VTS system methodically schedules the route and stop-overs for delivery trucks and vans to optimize the time taken for the delivery. Any contingencies are planned for and a VTS system connected with the appropriate sources keeps the drivers informed about contingencies like accidents and bad weather to avoid delays and re-route.

With the shelves always stocked with the correct and timely deliveries, a VTS for FMCG ensures happy and satisfied customers. In addition, a VTS system can easily entertain special and urgent requests for goods to be delivered and squeeze in these unforeseen into the delivery routes being planned, without any extra overheads, again keeping the customers assured.

Regulating the condition of perishable goods en-route is a critical feature for a VTS for FMCG. Temperature monitoring and alerts for fluctuations to drivers are routed through a combination of effective sensors wired to a VTS notifying the drivers of the vehicles and avoiding conditions where these goods need to be recalled resulting in a waste.

Efficient & Advantageous

VTS advantages

Combining IoT with VTS for FMCG

GPS vehicle tracking systems make use of integrated techniques right from a variety of devices to modern day software like Global Positioning Systems, Mobile Technologies, Analytics and more. A VTS value adds to a variety of organizations today and becomes interesting every passing day.

A newer and contemporary supply chain management approach is in the offing where slowly and steadily IoT empowers the vehicle tracking systems in more ways than one which goes beyond after the delivery is made.


      • Sensor based technology could be remote or proximity based like the beacons. This niche technique forms a very important part of the IoT ecosystem and keeps collecting data for various activities.
        • Continuous monitoring of temperature and environment inside a vehicle
        • Relaying movement of goods to the managers to keep a tab of schedules of deliveries


      • IoT enables a communication channel even after the goods are delivered, to create actionable data.
        • Customer feedback related to the condition of the goods delivered
        • Schedule adherence of the goods delivered and any changes required based on customer preferences.

Data & Analytics

    • A VTS powered with IoT predicts requirements at the dealer and PoS and alerts the back office to dispatch goods to be replenished.
    • Customer behavior trapped through Retail Analytics too is a part of the IoT and helps predict the demands to organize the supply chain in accordance.
    • Data generated by observing the effects of changes help the enterprise strategize their next moves.

The Well Known Advantages of a GPS Vehicle Tracking Software

A vehicle tracking system supports a variety of industries and the benefits offered are appreciated across domains.

  • Route optimization and navigation support makes it easy for the drivers to choose the fastest and the most practical routes. Task completion details are recorded and back office keeps up the pressure to maintain schedules.
  • Increased productivity by prudent monitoring and feedback is an obvious advantage as the enterprise has a constant vigil over the stops, breaks and detours. Appropriate actions for saving times ensure that the enterprise increases productivity manifolds.
  • Real time tracking of the fleet is ensured with the integrated maps and GPS systems at all the times. It also is instrumental in keeping the drivers and cargo safe. Real time tracking provides prompt support to handle emergencies like accidents and health issues and is a great help in keeping thefts under check.
  • Reports and Analytics besides reporting the on-goings, also analyze the vehicle health and fuel efficiency to keep the parameters under check with an intention to improve mileage.

Reports & Dashboards

VTS Reports

  • Driver verification records integration through the VTS drops the chances of cargo mishandling, reducing a negative impact on insurance of the cargo being freighted.
  • The systematic processes in a VTS improves the accuracy and validity of records of timings put in by drivers for the tasks, eliminating the chances of debates and discussions while payroll.
  • Automated schedules of vehicle maintenance when generated by analyzing the actual usage and condition of the fleet, helps the enterprise to avoid costs of missing out timely maintenance and repair. Issues arising because of neglect are avoided too.
  • Green driving habits of drivers and emission records of the vehicle itself enables a VTS system to promote green driving and help the enterprise move towards a sustainable environment.

In a Nutshell

A robust vehicle tracking software blends in the latest in technologies to keep up various enterprises ahead of others. FMCG make the most of the vehicle tracking systems versatile and contemporary.


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