Big Announcements at Google I/O 2015

  • Posted on : June 8, 2015
  • Modified: November 5, 2020

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : Android

When Google holds its annual Developer Conference one expects big things. Google, its eighth I/O Developer’s conference – Google I/O 2015, in San Francisco, did it with aplomb surpassing all expectations.


It was bound to be immense scale and it surely was. So, here I am, all a mixed bag of thoughts after the Google I/O 2015.


So what impressed me the most? Too many things at a time. Always biased towards my first preference, Apple; it is not easy for me to admit that Google gives Apple a run for its money. If Apple is all about style and panache, Google takes the cake for innovative technology. So here I am always stuck with two phones with me covering both the technologies and still making up my mind.


Coming back to the much discussed list of happenings at the Google I/O 2015, top of the list was of course Android M and the list of features it promises. It could be called the yummy Android Mars or even Android Muffin, to suit my taste buds and to match with my coffee, but what is in a name?So here I go, it is in fact a list which is a mix of Android M Features and ingenious services and projects launched at the event.

Google I/O
Internet of Things with Project Brillo


The first place I give on my list is to Project Brillo, welcoming the technology of today – IoT – Internet of Things.I did mention that I give all credit to Google for innovations in technology and keeping in pace with time, be it the wearables with Android L in 2014 or Internet of Things (IoT) today with Android M.


Brillo is all set to connect every connected device on a wide range of hardware platforms and silicon vendors through its IoT protocol – Weave.It promises secure communication through cloud and even locally. It is proclaimed to support both, (yes, BOTH) Android and iOS devices with equal ease. It will allow interoperability of devices across manufactures as well and is going to be IoT for everyone. OEMs, App Developers and Users – all of us.Brillo is in all sense a comprehensive platform for Internet of Things from Google and I find it really cool because while the rest are only discussing and talking about IoT, Google shows its mettle with Brillo at Google I/O 2015.


Offline Google Maps


The second slot is for offline Google Maps. How I want offline maps always on my phones. Being a passionate traveler to places far and near, there have been instances when I am at the mercy of the internet service providers. And when they fail me, I really fall back on the good old road maps lying somewhere in the car boot. Un-nerving when Google Maps vanishes from my phone and map reading is a long forgotten art! There are times when I fall back on sign language in countries where people don’t speak my language. But, at least now I will have a dependable guide everywhere I go with Android M. And of course, Apple is not even trying this one.


Payment and Security with Android Pay & Finger Print Id


But, what Google mimes Apple on this one but just in time, with Android Pay after the failed Google Wallet. Surely, Apple Payarrived much sooner and so did the Apple finger print id. But of course, what is required is required and finally we will have our Androids with its own payment wallets – Android Pay and the finger print id for easy verification as a standard security feature which can be blended in into almost any feature like Android Pay, Screen Lock or just about anything else which needs password protection. Biometrics just arrived on Android Mand the fourth and the fifth position on my list are for Android Pay and the Finger Print Id.


Power Management with Doze


The fifth slot is reserved for Doze, a brand new state detection power management system that is projected to double the standby times for batteries on almost all Android powered devices. Doze is projected to beat Google at its own game and is projected to be far superior to the technique offered by Project Volta since the last year, along with Android L. For a person like me whose battery pack is always drained at that perfect moment, it is a boon! But, time will tell if the Apple power management options beat this one or it would be Android offering us better technology with the announcement at Google I/O 2015.


USB Type C Ports


And the sixth place is definitely for the fact that Android M will support USB Type – C Ports. How cool is that! Years of struggling with chargers & charger ports, the side it faces and the usual problems, finally sense prevails and I always had a hunch all these years long that it would be Google one day to bring USB ports into the phone scenario. Not only will the USB cables used for power charging, they would also support audio and video two way data transfers. Just one port for multiple needs and that too almost five times faster!


Google Now on Tap & Chrome Custom Tabs


Though I am still to figure out the Google Now on Tap, promised to improve contextual search and even the Chrome Custom Tabs for apps, I am sure both would be meaningful in their own sense.


While Now on Tap is all about providing contextual information within Apps, and activating automatic context search by pressing the home button; Google promises to improve the web experience through the brand new Chrome Custom tabs within Google Chrome, where instead of embedding a web view within an app, developers would have the choice of enabling Chrome on top of the active App. So these are the seventh and the eighth on the list for the record.


Google Photos


What else did I miss? Google Photosat Google I/O 2015take the ninth position.A camera has to be only on my Apple and I know no one can beat it. But, Google Photos is all about smart storage options &promises photos & videos sharing service providing unlimited free storage. Not only is the storage huge, but it stores high-quality compressed versions of photos & movies without using any of the device space. I wonder if that would be available for iOS someday or be specially only for Andorid.


Ending the List with Android M Developer Preview& Launch


Android M preview includes the updated SDK as expected. Along with it the image support for conducting tests on the Android Emulator. Made available for the Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 9, and Nexus Player devices, it is, without bias, technology to watch out for. I can hardly wait for Q3 – 2015 for the official launch as announced at the Google I/O 2015.



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