Big Data Analytics – A Sure Shot Booster To E-Commerce During Holiday Season

There comes the holiday season and you see a spree of E-Commerce companies juggling their best to achieve the maximum shopping benefit. As always, the holiday season has continued to have a massive impact on the shopping season. Much before the holidays start, there is ample amount of planning, both on the side of the buyer as well as the seller to achieve their best. And, there is exponentially increasing trend being observed to optimize revenues during this frenzy time of the year.

E-Commerce organizations try their level best to adapt to novel and fast working technologies and means to give themselves and their customers a very happy holiday. And to support that very fact, one of the prime technology areas which is considered a fast moving one in this arena is Big Data Solutions. Big Data analytics is assisting these companies to improvise their shopping experience, enhance customer satisfaction and see a steep rise in profits and maximizing ROI. There are a lot of inferences which can be attained and this is still not a completely scratched area.

Along with the holiday season comes online shopping and discounts, deals, concessions, packages, advertisements, celebrity publicities and much more. To manage this all, Big Data analytics plays a very keen role. As we all know, Big Data is primarily a collection of large data sets which are tough to process. With other innovative technologies like cloud computing, mobile computing, social media marketing, Internet of Things and much more, Big Data analytics has proven to be the right choice for E-Commerce companies to act their best. Not only that, consumers have also started getting hitched to this media of shopping and they look forward to those typical glary advertisements that flicker on our screens every now and then. However much we try to hate them or disregard them, finally, our natural shopping bug always bites us hard and we are bent upon looking onto them and deal further.

It is important to understand how exactly E-Commerce organizations are benefiting out of Big Data analytics to improvise and better the shopping experience during holiday seasons.

How Big Data Analytics Benefits E-Commerce Organizations?

Big Data Analytics

  • Higher Priority To Value Rather Than Price

To be at par with peer competitors, it is essential for E-Commerce companies to adapt to Big Data analytics and give higher focus to value rather than price. In order to attract customers and retain them, it is most essential they get attracted to quality rather than quantity. This is where Big Data can help in showing facts and figures in a visually appealing manner and thereby let the clients stick to the company.

  • Personal Interaction And Preferences With Clients

The moment your client feels that the E-Commerce organization clicks with its likes and dislikes, obviously the loyalty factor is going to work. For that, Big Data analytics can be used as a very powerful tool to act as a useful bridge between the client and the company. The database built over the years and the wonderful analytical capabilities together cull out such useful and innovative information that is sure to attract the clients towards the E-Commerce sites. This type of analysis removes a large amount of burden from both the parties and hence allows a more amicable interaction and rapport.

  • Forecasting Of Trends

Just knowing what our customer has been wanting till date and what he / she may want doesn’t suffice. As an ideal shopping partner, the E-Commerce organization has to be a step further, predicting trends in that particular shopping zone and suggesting it to the clients as well. That is where the client will feel the extra effort and personalization taken by the company. In this case, Big Data analytics helps further predictions, product demands, buying patterns etc and make it an easy task for the seller to reach the buyer with ease and conviction.

  • Improvise Client Experience

Finally, the customer is our God. It is for the customer, that we are adapting to so many novel technologies to increase business and profitability. Hence, it is a vital ingredient to see to it that the client has a wonderful user interface experience and a flawless shopping journey. There are number of patterns and data inputs that can be used, through Big Data analytics, in order to make the client happier and give more satisfaction. Be it payment methods, order tracking, list of all the items available, details of each of them – whatever may be the area of concern, Big Data analytics can assist in polishing and energizing each one of them, for any kind of E-Commerce activities.

SPEC INDIA has its BI solutions and Big Data wings spread out across various projects, implementing various solutions in a multitude of technologies like Pentaho, Jaspersoft, Microsoft and Tableau, most of which are now into embedded analytics. We are global certified partners with Pentaho.


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