Big Data And IoT – A Perfect & Synergetic Blend

  • Posted on : November 29, 2016
  • Modified: March 4, 2022

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : Big Data & Database ,   IOT

With the new age ‘Sensors’ spreading across every nook and corner of all industry zones, the Internet of Things (IoT) is spreading like fire, accompanied by the massive bulk of Big Data tagging along with it. This shows a highly intense impact for the future, on the world of IoT as well as Big Data and hence it is surely an interesting watch to observe how these two technology giants gel with each other.

Reasons why these technology stalwarts are stealing the show are highly obvious. IoT has proven to be a rapidly progressing assemblage of sensors, connected through the Internet with a vivid range of things, which could range from a simple electronic item to an assembly of devices. It has entangled all our day to day activities within its network web and hence, it has become much easy and feasible for monitoring and analysing statistics. The other counterpart, Big Data Analytics Services, changing the way you look at everything, encompassed by its four V’s: Volume, Variety, Velocity and Veracity has been assisting enterprises, handle and manage their voluminous structured as well as unstructured data, processing information with state-of-the-art tools available – Apache Hadoop, NoSQL and many more.

Big Data And IoT – A Perfect Match

Big Data and IOT

The two stalwarts are a sure shot connection, since whenever we talk of umpteen things connected via the Internet; there is surely generation of a large amount of data, which can be managed only through Big Data. This collaboration has the capability to work wonders and provide its end users with information never seen before and never got before, that too, in real time and with the most intricate detailed information. Big Data and IoT seem inseparable and yet, independent in their own areas of functioning.

With a huge number of low cost, lower power sensors coming into market, IoT has become a household name now, with its presence being felt in every corner around the globe. The wireless connectivity that it promotes supports quite a huge amount of storage and power consumption, so as to accommodate maximum number of users. As for Big Data and its growth, data has been big much before IoT entered but has grown bigger and bigger with IoT spreading its wings all over. The ‘digital world’ is expanding its horizons, much to the fancy of its users, including all of us.

Key Success Factors Being Witnessed Because Of The Big Data – IoT Coalition

  • Novel Business Models

This wonderful combination of IoT with Big Data Analytics Services has surely come up with new business operational methodologies that assist enterprises come up with new ideas and schemes for its clients, speed up go-to-market, increase customer retention and thereby, enhance productivity and profitability within the organization.

  • Real Time Information At The Right Time, Right Place

With ample data available at your disposal and with technology supporting it, there is no better way to access the real time information, at the right place and the right time. What more would enterprises more after they have their own desired information with the latest visuals and most in-depth knowledge.

  • Enhanced Usage of Revenue

No doubt, with IoT and Big Data working together, there is increased revenue which can then be utilized in better and diversified streams so as to expand business and increase the bouquet of services to get in more than the traditional touch.

  • In-depth And Spread Out Visibility

Now that all the data is available instantly and is in conjunction with the IoT sensors spread all over, it becomes an easy task to get detailed visibility into the roots of the information, culling out whatever statistics are needed. There is a large amount of transparency seen between levels, with availability of information becoming the most simplistic deed. This lowers the cost of functioning and increases the efficiency level by a marked number.

  • Efficient And Smart Operations

Be it pricing, logistics, sales, support or any other domain, instant availability of information through Big Data and IoT together has smartened the functional, technical and managerial operations to a large extent, bringing in higher efficiency, effectiveness and thereby, revenue maximization.

It is highly imperative that IoT needs Big Data and vice versa, to get the best out of each other. With large conglomerates adapting this innovative merger, these business groups have now started realizing the importance and effect of it, with large blocks of information flowing in and out with numerous sensor based connectivity all over, being managed and monitored seamlessly. Doesn’t it sound like magic sometimes? How far will technology go to work these wonders?

SPEC INDIA, a Big Data Consulting firm in India, has been consistently providing quality solutions in BI and Big Data technology. Our BI and Analytics portfolio showcases excellent capabilities to structure, curate, analyse and handle all your data with prudence. With implementation expertise in Big Data technologies like Hadoop, MongoDB and HP Vertica, we excel in building custom database solutions for our enriched client base, along with advanced Big Data services. We are global certified partners of Pentaho and officially figure in the Pentaho Partner Network List. We also provide highly skilled BI and Big Data resources, which could be hired on hourly / monthly / yearly basis for onsite and offsite engagement.


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