Bootstrap Dashboard Design Using Pentaho

Two powerful technologies, when collaborating, are bound to weave wonders. So has happened with Bootstrap giving support to Pentaho, which has resulted in certain innovative and enriched Dashboard Designs.
Pentaho, as famously known, is the leading open-source, Business Intelligence suite of products, which focuses on providing varied services like data integration, data mining, OLAP services, ETL processes, a variety of analytical reports and dashboards. Its widespread product stack encompasses all possible capabilities that could be worked out on the valuable information of any organization.

On a similar popularity wave comes Bootstrap, a popular HTML, CSS, and JS design framework, which offers the two most in-demand features: Adaptive and Responsive layouts. Owing to its effortlessness, insight and creative potential to create innovative solutions and since it is open-source, it is a top slot holder in its arena.

The latest popular technology combination is Pentaho supporting the Bootstrap framework, through a plug-in, in order to provide a uniform and alluring look to the dashboards.


In order to delve deeper into the nuances of the Pentaho Bootstrap Dashboard Designer, run through this wonderful video tutorial which, in-depth, walks you through the detailed steps of how can an attractive and analytical dashboard design be developed with the utilization of this dual set of technologies.

We hope you enjoy seeing the video and get geared up to create many such dashboard designs with this superb blend. Here is a screenshot of the look and feel of this framework:


We at SPEC INDIA – your offshore IT partner in India, are a specialist BI and Big Data organization focusing on services across the Pentaho product stack. We, being global certified partners with Pentaho, have executed multiple comprehensive BI solutions worldwide.


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