Bringing Beacons to Education Campuses – The Best Thing Ever

  • Posted on : March 28, 2017
  • Modified: March 7, 2022

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
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Beacon App Development and Proximity Marketing seem like magical words today. These state-of-the-art technologies have done what is unimaginable and have proven their mettle in a short span of time, with the entire globe looking for more of its capabilities. As the Beacon technology revolutionizes, boosts business and garners increased market responsiveness, there are more and more domains taking maximum advantage of it. One major highlight of this wonderful innovation is its competence to communicate information to nearby mobile devices based on their location and proximity to other beacons, which makes it an apt medium to decrease the virtual distance between physical entities like buildings. The Education domain is one such area that has been benefitting on a large extent and will continue to do so in the coming years. Beacon App Development are a sure shot success on Education campuses and for eLearning Solutions. Many universities and education campuses have adapted the usage of Beacons and witnessing the success of it, there are more to follow.

Used as an Indoor Positioning System (IPS), the Beacon technology is based on wireless devices transferring signals to proximate devices through low energy Bluetooth connectivity and has become the buzzword today on education campuses and for eLearning Solutions. With augmented Mobility Management in Education campuses, this modern technology is perfect to fundamentally locate people and objects within a particular range and also activate an action on a close by device. Being a highly secure mechanism, Beacons & iBeacons App Development has become a rage in students, since they find it highly convenient to search for location based information that they need.

Beacons For Education Institutes

How is Beacons the Most Pertinent Medium to Enhance Life on Education Campuses?

  • Simplistic Campus Navigation

With Beacons giving a multiple leveled mapping provision, it becomes a very simple task for students to find buildings, classrooms, labs and for that matter, any room with the help of their mobile devices. There can be detailed maps listed out to showcase the entire geography of that area, which can be of great relief to students and staff who are in search of locations, especially in spread out campus areas. Even within units, Beacons can turn helpful in finding minute details. For e.g., in a library, it can be helpful in searching for a particular set of books. Students can even opt for self-guided tours rather than waiting for the administration department to offer them one. Beacon Apps can offer much more details than you can think of. It will provide real-time class agendas and attendance tracing services for all stakeholders – be it students or faculty.

  • Redirecting Students to other Low Traffic Areas to Avoid Overcrowding

Be it the canteen or the library or any other student area, where there could be a gathering of students at certain peak hours, there are chances of overcrowding and that is Beacons come to the rescue. It can guide students to go in for other low congested areas in the campus, where there are fewer students and same facilities are available. Students can make maximum use of this facility and avoid getting hit by the overcrowded campuses. This way, not only do students benefit, the administration also gets the advantage of equal frequency usage of their other outlets.

  • Simplistic Registration at Events and Handling Long Queues

Any education campus, if you see, has an array of events every other day – sports day, annual functions, debates, homecoming and farewells and so on. All these events have one thing in common to manage – the rush. If not to the fullest, Beacon App Development is a sure shot help to manage the rush by online registration through mobile apps. Half of the job is done, once all the students start registering themselves online through digital registration based on what the beacons intimate. Taking it a step further, even long queues can be senses by the beacons app and students can be redirected to other places or there could be online ticketing which could reduce the actual work at the desk, as your number arrives.

  • Enhanced In-Class Understanding

One of the most important areas in any educational campus is the relationship between the student and the professor i.e. the in-class experience. If that is at the optimum, there is no stopping to a seamless and successful campus management. Beacons can play a vital role here through various activities like offering educational content to students through their mobile apps, taking attendance through digital media saving on a lot of time and energy, appropriate distribution of material by professors to related students, interactive learning sessions, team building exercises, regular evaluation of students and instant intimation of results. All these and more offer a much more amicable environment in the campus.

  • Higher Security & Safety of Stakeholders & Artifacts

With Beacons, one can easily trace and track the location of the students, professors as well as the administrative department as per the maps provided on the apps. Even in occurrence of any emergency, it can help find out the best route possible to leave, give directions and fasten the entire process of evacuation. Beacons can also take care of the location of different artifacts and documents, because of which searching for particular documents becomes an easier job.

SPEC INDIA, from its bouquet of enterprise business offerings and expertise in Beacon App Development, has been servicing a wide spread elite clientele all across the globe, with its Education App Development and eLearning Solutions.

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