Bringing Together Embedded Analytics and BI Solutions

  • Posted on : May 28, 2015
  • Modified: November 5, 2020

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : Business Intelligence

Embedded Analytics is the amalgamation of analytical capabilities inside business process applications, in the form of different outputs like dashboards, reports and self-service analysis. It is the key technology today, which focuses on infusing reporting and analytic capabilities in transactional business applications. It talks about seamless integration between the analytic infrastructure built by organizations, the BI solutions being used by the enterprises and the reporting tools.

Business Intelligence solutions have anyways proved to be the reigning technology quotient for most businesses. With the entry of embedded analytics, there is sure to be a resurgence in the industry, bringing about a remarkable and positive change all around.

The major benefits of this innovative technology have come out with improved user experience, enhanced customer satisfaction, increased revenue and creation of competitive differentiators.

Different Models In Embedded Analytics

Embedded Analytics Models

How Does Embedded Analytics Make BI Solutions All-encompassing?

Time and Information – the two BIG factors that play a vital role in an organization’s success path, lead to an investment in reporting and analytics, without which it is tough to get the best possible results. In order to make BI solutions an inevitable part of any enterprise and to ensure that it is widespread in each and every nook and corner of the enterprise and its system, Embedded Analytics is the right choice. Currently, what happens is that all end users have their own systems to work on, be it sales force automation, customer relationship management or any ERP tool. It is complex for them to shift to a particular BI tool as an individual one. Hence, for BI solutions to be all-encompassing, it is essential to get in analytic intelligence inside the user apps instead of separate ones. This will surely enable the availability of the apt reports/dashboard to the end-user, at the right time.

Owing to the increased usage of Big Data solutions and cloud platforms, the implementation of embedded analytics is becoming simpler. Cloud computing avoids the complexities involved in BI solutions deployment and cost-effective models make it easy to adapt. Novel Big Data solutions lessen a load of handling voluminous data hence making the entire set up much more user-friendly.

Different Levels Of Embedded Analytics

Different Levels of Embedded Analytics

Technically, the introduction of enriched web-based APIs based on standards such as REST and JavaScript makes the task of embedding reports and dashboards, easy and much more simplified. With the popularity of Embedded BI becoming more elaborate, service providers are ready to add many more functionalities. What is being claimed by top analysts is that whenever BI solutions will become unseen before the end-user and will spread itself into the various systems being implemented, it will truly be enveloping.

The Future Of Embedded Analytics

Have a glance at the business outside and you see this technology already a part of enterprises. Some such notable platforms are Red Hat’s RHEV platform, which includes dashboards and analytics which let you do the monitoring and optimization of the infrastructure on the basis of real-time data.

Be it any type of business application, games, apps, websites, Embedded Analytics is already marking its place everywhere. It is estimated that within a year, many of the analytical capabilities will be embedded and hence, BI solutions will become the most wanted and desirable component of any enterprise.


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