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  • Posted on : March 17, 2017
  • Modified: March 7, 2022

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The millennial disruption touches every industry bringing in huge changes, inspiring innovations to do things differently and interestingly. This changing approach brings in a completely different perspective into four very important niches; travel, hotels, restaurants & hospitality as engaging the millennial becomes increasingly difficult. Closely interconnected with the other niches, hospitality caters to a variety of individuals. The wanderer, the business traveler or even the socialites, compel a new era of hospitality management with entirely different expectations & personalized preferences in contrast to what had been happening earlier.

Mobile Device Management Software

Interesting Estimates

  • The Millennials would start spending more than $ 1 trillion per year by 2020 in travel & hotel stays
  • The Millennials make up about 30% of the guests being accommodated in hotels currently
  • This number is likely to cross the 50% mark by the end of current decade

Mobile Hospitality – The Brand-New Way

Today, in line with the thought pattern of the gen-Y, major hotel chains globally are undergoing strategic redesign when it comes to adapting guest services that appeal to the millennials. In a time where free Wi-Fi in a hotel is more important than free breakfast, technology surely rules.

Surveys at hotels point out that the guests would prefer self-service for most activities like checkout rather than interact with ground staff giving pace to techniques like beacons to become mainstream rather than remain in incumbency. So, when the beacons check in along with other IoT driven devices, check-in, check-out, in-stay and even pre-stay & post-stay become a different ball game altogether across hotel chains globally.

All in all, connectivity with guests is the feature that mobile hospitality emphasizes on. According to Hospitality Technology, the chances of a hotel room getting booked increase by many percentages if trending technology options like mobile key, WiFi, on-premise navigations & more are integrated into the stay. Mobility as an essential feature must be incorporated by hoteliers as part of routine operations.

With the changing norms, an important concern arises. The security of devices, the data exchanged and data stored on the devices powered by the trending techniques comes under constant threat.

Mobile Device Management Software for Hospitality

Mobile Device Management – MDM, is best explained as a solution that can help manage or administer mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, smart watches, wearables or any other devices.

MDM Features
  • Mobile content management and protection
  • Integrated secure messaging
  • Integrated VPN and/or Firewall
  • Anti-malware protection
  • Stolen Device Management

The changing expectations from hospitality industry can only be met by contemporary technologies safeguarded with MDM. Mobile hospitality management becomes the new rule in this industry.

An increasing number of hotel chains recognize the importance of a mature MDM policy implemented for both staff & guest devices to maintain order & offer exemplary user experiences.

Engaging Customer Experiences

Engaging Customer Experiances

Engaging, personalized customer experiences lead to better customer retentions, a very important aspect for the hospitality industry. With enterprise mobility in place, data capture and curation generate actionable insights into customer behavior, albeit, with assured safety through MDM policies.

MDM systems value-add to the enterprise systems, taking guest experiences to the next level, as the visitor remains connected to the hotel right from check-in to check-out digitally. Browsing digital menus, booking a ride, ordering room service, checking hotel bill on the go, scheduling room cleaning remain private & safe with device management as also customer data retention for future visits & appropriate trend analysis of customer responses provide inputs to hospitality strategy & planning.

Satisfying Employee Experiences

Satisfying Employee Experiances

Mobility platforms in the hospitality industry boost staff efficiency. With BYOD comes better work-life integration enabling work on the go which is very important for a niche as dynamic as hospitality.

BYOD becomes the most trending word for the workplaces to increase productivity, flexibility offering a conducive work environment to the employees. All these results in a better employee retention rate in the long run.

Besides safely attending to guests from the premise or away or keep a tab on the operations, or provide critical insights, a MDM or enterprise mobility management assures an untethered workplace. With improved efficiencies & output, there is no other way for the workforce at a hotel.

Enterprise Mobility Management (MDM) – Enabling Hospitality

MDM makes possible the approaches of enterprise mobility policies to become practical enough for real-life usage, combating erroneous situations with tact.

Seamless Workflows with Controlled Access

Other than dynamic work patterns, MDM system allows the hotel staff keep a tab on the information across channels & touch points, through devices of their choice without privacy lapses. Workforce devices management including stolen devices becomes regularized with MDM as employees work on-premise & off-premise too.

Many hotels provide complimentary smartphones or tablets that have access to limited applications or allow temporary access to guests during stay allowing configuration of profile data during the stay period. Access to the system post-stay & pre-stay too is also a part of the workflows and are made secure.

Security Features

Reliable security features are implemented with the help of an insightful MDM policy. Network and Wi-Fi usage policies are configured and synced along with compliance guidelines as applicable too.

Considering that guest privacy is of very high importance to the hospitality industry, security features enforced by the MDM system become indispensable to the requirements today avoiding catastrophes arising due to data leaks or violation of guest privacy. The Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance is extremely vital with this industry, and a properly implemented system by a qualified vendor protected with a robust MDM ensures the necessary compliances.

MDM offers intelligent dashboards and reports need be set for appropriate monitoring to keep the enterprise updated about the users accessing data or failed attempts of login and other probable breaches of security.

Challenges for MDM

Though it sounds simple and straight, implementing MDM solutions for enterprise mobility management of Hospitality has its own set of challenges to be taken care of.

  • The solutions need to address different users, probably spread across geographies, with ever changing devices and their operating systems
  • Adequate support for personal or BYOD mobile devices, the safety, mobile device management need to be fool-proof
  • Ensuring safety on various networks and access control with the correct privileges and security needs is a huge challenge
  • Supporting and monitoring the number of devices being used is a tough call too

On a Parting Note

Maintenance of devices, ensuring appropriate usage, physical security and protection against malware pose unique challenges during the implementation of mobile device management software policies. Enterprises set up secure file sharing and data exchange between stakeholders using these rules to ensure unparalleled user experiences all across.

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