Cloud Computing Boosts Up Agile Software Development

Cloud computing has been reaching far and wide amongst the IT community because of its innovative and alluring features. With technology running in parallel with organizational needs, there are novel opportunities and techniques ruling the market. Various sectors are moving onto the cloud for faster, effective and quality-driven deployment and maintenance. Keeping capital investment to its minimum, cloud computing has the capability to provide all the necessary resources attaining maximum RoI and give out total flexibility and scalability to the project.

Agile software development is a terminology that rules today’s software development life cycle and the way software is tested and delivered. As per the Agile manifesto, the software is developed and delivered in logical parts, then tested in cycles and based on the results, the next round of development is taken up. This definitely gives a faster time to market, enhanced quality, and higher customer satisfaction. Hence, Agile is the future for an ideal software development life cycle.


How Unification Of Cloud Computing And Agile Development Reaping Benefits?

For any organization, be it big or small – aiming at high productivity, low costs and enhanced customer happiness, the fusion of both these technologies is sure to get the best results. Let us have a look at some of the significant advantages organizations are likely to gain. There would be many more, but here are some of them:

  • Cloud computing accelerates agile development – Because of its working style, a merger of the two is sure to get faster release cycles with increased quality code. Hence, the time from feasibility till production is bound to go less.
  • Because the results are quick due to agile and initial costs are low due to cloud, organizations are able to invest more leading to enhanced business agility. They gain quicker cycle time owing to this dual benefit being obtained.
  • One of the most sought after benefits IT companies look for is ‘Utmost Customer Satisfaction’, which is much easier to obtain through this amalgamation. To show the customer what they really want in the right fashion is easily attainable through this mechanism.
  • Cost-Effectiveness can be met with a dual strategy of agile cycles leading to minimal rework, defects or bugs and implementation of cloud infrastructure leading to low initial infrastructure costs.

Integration between software engineering, quality assurance, and technology operations is a novel method called ‘DevOps’, which helps organizations produce their end product in a fast and efficient manner. Inclusion of DevOps into cloud computing with agile technology is turning out to be quite beneficial since the code is faster and more accurate. Testing also becomes rapid and yields good results.

As we move on with the rapidly changing times, there is fresh news entering the technology market every other day. Surely, there is much more to come when we talk of Agile with Cloud. Keep looking for more, till then, try this fusion, it is definitely worth it.


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