Cloud Deployment Using Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Cloud Computing is today’s popular trend which talks about instant delivery and access to IT resources through the Internet, as and when you are executing applications, be it any type and kind: the ones sharing pictures and movies or the ones which are executing critical business operations. It assists in reducing the overall IT costs, thereby enhancing the platform performance and the infrastructure setup. No upfront investment is required. With Cloud Computing, you can create a provision of multiple resources without much dependency and within no time.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) comprises of a complete set of Cloud Computing Services that allows you to build scalable, robust and refined applications. It supports multiple technologies like Java, There are diverse industries like healthcare, media, finance, education and many more.


Key Benefits of AWS are its flexibility, cost effectiveness, scalability, security and experience.

Services offered by AWS

AWS offers multiple services which assist the developers and administrators to enhance their productivity for the cloud base applications. There are two types of services being offered:


Application Management Services

• AWS Elastic Beanstalk
A ready-to-use service primarily for management and deployment of web applications and services using managed containers for environments such as Java, .NET, PHP and so on.

• AWS OpsWorks
A service for Application Automation. Starts with built in templates for Java, Ganglia, MySQL etc. and lets the developers select their own software stack.


Building Block Services

• AWS CloudFormation
A service which facilitates modelling, provision and updating the full breadth of AWS resources. Its highlight is its ease of integration with other development and management tools.

• Amazon CloudWatch
A service mainly for monitoring resources such as DB instances, EC2 instances etc. It allows you to view graphs and get an insight into the performance.

• Auto Scaling
Scales your Amazon EC2 capacity up or down the way you define.


SPEC INDIA has been dealing with a multitude of technologies and domains and hence has always been zealous in implementing new and innovative tools and techniques. We would be glad to serve your cloud computing needs and adhere to your requirements.


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