Come Festivities, Come 2017 – Mobile ERP is here to Stay

  • Posted on : January 2, 2017
  • Modified: March 7, 2022

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
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With the globe going on the move, everything has to be mobility driven. Gone are those days when ERP systems used to be operated through desktops and through single locations. Yes, ERPs have always been challenging and complex and hence it was always a presumption that it would be safest to use it through standardized computer sources. But today, real-time communication is a must for any successful business – be it any size, genre or functionality. With it, comes the concept of a Mobile ERP solution – a power-packed amalgamation of two latest technologies – Mobility and ERP systems. This innovative and robust genre has been highly successful in proving its worth as it showcases a diversity of advantages and salient features.

As the New Year approaches, it is exciting to see how rapidly and steadily Mobile ERP is creating a lasting impression on enterprises, gaining momentum in the business scenario and how best it is for increasing your organizational RoI, productivity, communication, efficiency, and profitability. It has already been in the news for the past few years but the rapidity with which it is getting popular across the globe is worth a watch. It has also been observed that it turns out most effective when Mobile ERP is bundled together with other technology stalwarts like BI, CRM, and others.

5 Key Factors to be ascertained while Deriving a Mobile ERP Strategy

Mobile ERP Solution

  • Varying Functionalities

Whenever we talk of an ERP, complexity, and challenges are a part and parcel of it since they usually tend to encompass a lot of varying functionalities, each having its own part to play. It is therefore tough, to ascertain, the performance of the application on the mobile devices as compared to the desktops. So, while a mobile ERP is being setup, it is highly essential to map the complexity and demand of the functionalities as compared to the strength and processing power of the mobile devices that we are planning to link up with.

  • User Experience

When we talk of consumer mobility applications, there are sure shot chances of fast performance, seamless experiences and effortless navigation. But, when we talk about an ERP on mobile devices, there are chances of a different kind of behavior from the application and that is what we should be prepared with. Possibly, a slowdown in speed and processing can be expected which can be covered up but needs to be considered.

  • Unstable Connectivity

There could be numerous situations when there is less or no internet connectivity. Such scenarios could prove harmful to the functioning ERP application where in there is already a large amount of data transfer and inputs. It is ideal to have a strategy well ahead in place, which specifies what action would be taken, e.g. offline storage on the local device, just in case the connectivity goes off.

  • Serviceable & Attractive Interface

In order to attract end clients to use the Mobile ERP solution, the first and foremost requirement would be to establish a powerful, attractive and seamless user interface that promises the end users an experience of its kind and an edge above their traditional equipment. Only then will they come over to these devices, even with their own set of challenges, else why wouldn’t they stick over to their good old stuff, being used since years?

  • Security

You aim big, your challenges also aim bigger. With such a technically superior solution, tag along certain security and audit issues that need to be considered while setting up the Mobile ERP strategy and thereby, assure a fool proof solution being implemented else, misuse, theft, hacking are commonly faced security concerns.

Why has Mobile ERP Solutions Emerged as an Obvious Winner?

  • Usage of the Cloud

With time flying by, trepidations shooing off, Cloud has become an integral part of most technologies and Cloud ERP solutions is one area where the Cloud has played a vital role. With most of the organizational data available in the Cloud, there are least of worries about speed, accessibility, security, and quality of the huge bulk of information lying around.

  • Utilization of Social ERP

One of the most modern and popular mediums to maximize revenue and yearn brand recognition to get kick started and strong on the social media front and that is what a Mobile ERP solutions attempts at the maximum since it is mobility driven and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

  • Access to Real-time Information

No more need of manually typing in information into various systems and then managing the most tiresome job of integrating that. It’s now time to enter data once and get results instantly and how else would it have been possible if it was ERP not on the mobile drive. Access all of your information from any point, any time and in any media that you wish to. It’s all there on the cloud.

  • Direct Linking Between Machines & ERP

Here they go, talking directly with each other, all thanks to the mobility bridge between them. And that surely makes a lot of difference in the business results. There is no need for a middle layer at all.

As an Enterprise Mobility Solution Provider and a Mobile ERP Applications Development Company, we @ SPEC INDIA have garnered visible experience in implementing Mobile ERP solutions all around the globe, including Fortune 500 companies.


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