Custom Software Development Catering to the New Age User

  • Posted on : October 29, 2015
  • Modified: March 2, 2022

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : Custom Software

There was a day custom software development companies accepted the inevitable. That not there was no escape from being mobile. There was a dilemma each of these companies faced – “to mobile” or “not to mobile”. Many companies chose sides and kept their focus on either Desktop Web Applications or switched to Mobile Web Applications.

Not anymore.

Today custom software development companies recognize the demands of the modern world and refrain from putting their users under any pressures of deciding on a device or platform of their choice before software development.

It is so cool for a user to do everything together, whenever, wherever……

Custom Software Development

Mobile web has seen its day today, now what we have is an unbiased Web. Today, users access solutions and apps from various gadgets and the number of devices is increasing day by day. The major challenge for software developers these days is to create a uniform and consistent experience for devices chosen to deploy the software developed.

By the end of the year 2015, omnichannel will be the largest movement with new-age user experience, covering all the major operating systems for a variety of applications, which could be based on desktops or mobile devices. The users want the same experience across all the devices. This has resulted from HTML5 as the first priority for custom software development for businesses.

Challenges for Custom Software Development Today

Custom Software Development turns into a fusion of sorts today with a very thin line between the old-style desktop-based applications and the funkier mobile-based counterparts with of course seamless integration of these technology domains. This poses unique challenges.

  • Web-based custom software development is no more a simple development needs to identify the correct method to cater to various devices and their platforms
  • Programmers need to update their skill sets constantly as this is a technology on the move

Advantages of the New Age Custom Software Development

  • Complex, intricate programming makes the applications developed more versatile and competent
  • This contemporary software once developed enables non-technical stakeholders to manage the day to day demands of the software in the self-service modes without intervention from the IT departments

The traditional custom software development methodologies remained focused on the final outputs and the flaunting of technological finesse. User Experience or the Front End came the last.

Tables turn today and the software development process works hard to keep the user enticed by offering intuitive and personal User Experiences. User Friendliness is the mantra of the day and the users too are conscious and demand simpler, attractive User Interfaces from the Software developers.

Every passing day Enterprises opt for software easily available to users of all types and with various preferences. The custom software development also sees a definite shift from the traditional data storage options to Cloud-based storage options to keep up the pace with user expectations.

The trends advocate that the applications and software developers offer features that help the end-user to be well connected with other applications of choice too. This has resulted in an increase is seriousness for Interface Programming, showing a useful escalation in the area, in the future.

Software Development Companies make sure that contemporary custom software development is done using a well-balanced combination of new techniques, modern-day requirements and a definite inclusion of the traditional methods as well.

The winner is the one that balances the equilibrium and manages to keep all the users satisfied.


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