Dot Net Application Development The First Choice of the Enterprises

  • Posted on : May 18, 2016
  • Modified: March 3, 2022

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Enterprise applications today need to cater to a large array of technologies, devices, and infrastructure to deliver unfaltering user experiences across the spectrum of stakeholders.

The .NET framework from Microsoft is probably one of the best Information Technology tools that suits enterprise applications, and help cater to business growth & key enterprise drivers. While the technology used to roll out Information Technology solutions entirely depends on organizational choices, it is worth exploring the desirable features of the .NET framework that propels the success of businesses and establishes itself by becoming an industry pioneer.

Studies indicate that more than 28% of web applications today use Dot Net application development with ASP.Net emerging as a favorite.

ASP Dot Net Application Development

The .Net Features Spelling Success For Enterprises

Ease Of Development
  • Most developers today acknowledge that development is easy with the .Net framework. High-quality enterprise applications can be built quickly with optimized time to develop, which is in sync with business goals.
  • Applications like Visual Studio ensure the availability of necessary tools & support for ease of enterprise apps development. Traditionally, Microsoft is known to ease development with drag & drop components, and the trend has continued with different versions of the .NET framework.
  • In line with the same, a key product to mention is the ADO.NET from Microsoft, which empowers developers with in-built interfaces to communicate with data sources. This propels data-driven development, and it is important for enterprises to recognize tools that exploit this advantage.
  • Dot Net application development is a preferred technology for businesses to build customer friendly & feature-rich software and websites.
Easy Maintenance & Reliability
  • With .NET based applications, configurations are easy to change, and minimal code re-writes are required. Considering changing business models across industry verticals, this is an important aspect as maintenance costs should not exceed the total cost of the original business case.
  • Furthermore, the .NET framework has received industrial recognition and has repeatedly proved to be a powerful tool for hosting production intensive applications.
  • Several built-in checks ensure that applications & software continue running in an as-is state.
  • Resourcing is always the key aspect for any technology, and there are multiple technology companies offering services & development on .NET framework, leading cost-effectiveness and easy availability of skilled developers.
Compatibility & Device-Independence
  • ASP .Net application developers can easily build apps & software that runs seamlessly on tablets, mobiles & desktops with uniform user experiences.
  • Component reusability is a vital aspect that the .NET framework provides. This allows enterprise users to access important apps on the go.
  • Much of the environment configuration, parameters & code can be reused to suit application development within the .NET framework. Also important for enterprise applications is backward compatibility & easy integration with existing systems.
  • With the .NET framework, integration with multiple systems is easily facilitated by consuming XML documents of any type.
  • Effectively, the .NET framework provides a language-neutral platform, which can support new as well as legacy applications.
  • Apart from cross-compatibility, modularization and improvised tools, combined with a lean framework are some of the desirable features of the .NET framework.
Ease Of Deployment
  • One of the key attractions with the .NET framework is the easy way with which code can be maintained without mixing HTML & ASP code.
  • One of the traditional challenges with application deployment remains the registration of multiple DLLs Dynamic Link Libraries.
  • Even more challenging is maintaining multiple versions simultaneously. With the Dot Net Application Development, different versions of the same library can co-exist on the same server, proving time-effective for enterprise-wise development & deployment.
  • Applications modeled on the .NET framework can be easily ported on servers with easy access to clients.
  • For enterprises, security is as important as application performance, and .NET framework lives up to the expectations.
  • With features like validation & verification, Code Access Security (CAS), the .NET framework allows businesses to build extremely secure applications.
  • The .NET framework has the capability to build scalable applications to suit the emerging needs of enterprises today.
  • Applications created with Dot Net application development can be made customizable and competent to handle load increase as well as spikes.
  • This removes the need for re-investing in new software as the business grows and enterprise requirements increase.
  • Microsoft provides extensive support for the .NET framework. There are multiple technical communities and blogs also present that can render support to developers.
  • Most enterprises prefer to enter into an agreement with Microsoft for technical support & expertise, and the same is available round-the-clock based on commitment.
On A Parting Note

Enterprises benefit from superior RoI with the .NET framework and Dot Net application development. Powerful, performance-intensive, feature-rich, scalable & secure applications or websites can be built and tested quickly with the .NET framework, making it the preferred technology for enterprises globally today.


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