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  • Posted on : August 31, 2015
  • Modified: March 2, 2022

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e-commerce application development

e-Commerce application development becomes relevant and important like never before in today’s world. Electronic commerce, the actual name of this discipline deals with replicating businesses over the internet right from retail websites to the basic Business to Business websites and it is finding newer concepts every passing day. The various devices used to access the internet itself become more diverse, practical and varied, making the process of e-Commerce application development very challenging and thought provoking for the developers.

e-Commerce development changes along with the technology and moves on from catering to the veteran desktops with internet to the mobile phones, tablets and now the wearables too! Storage options become more practical and affordable too. Almost gone are the days when databases and server based technology was the only resource to store and curate data. E-Commerce applications development puts to use core techniques of Mobile Technologies, Big Data, Cloud Storage and of course uses Business Intelligence tools to fetch and portray the data meaningfully.

e-Commerce application development is an array of all of these; devices, storage medium, business intelligence and of course the people themselves! The internet changes the way we live, work and exchange information. The applications developed for us today get a new perspective with newer ways of design, development and distribution The e-Commerce application development tools today are an intelligent combination of innovative technologies available for use.

Challenges faced by e-Commerce Applications

A good e-commerce application makes sure that this software system remains dynamic in nature and constantly adjusts to the changes and demands of the businesses and technologies. The system faces interesting challenges because of the very different features it sets out to offer. It is really difficult to judge if Compatibility with architectures, platforms and devices is more of a challenge to accept or is it the safety and security of the data exchanged. On the other hand, the speed and efficiency of the application and the appeal also poses an equal amount of concern. Scalability upwards and downwards to make these systems more practical and economical is a thought provoking matter as well.

Features of a Good e-Commerce Application

A prudent analysis of requirements and leveraging the advantages of current technologies & their powers during the e-Commerce application development process brings forth a comprehensive system.

  • Design a scalable and easily maintainable architecture
  • Develop a conducive, assured environment for secure transactions and data privacy
  • Constantly check the efficiency of the system and ensure the correct speed and dependability
  • Ensure efficient execution
  • Support both online and traditional methodologies
  • Integrate with other business logic
  • Provide quick enhancements of existing applications to keep up pace with technology
  • Create e-commerce application to improve business performances
  • Ensure that the system is search engine visible by implementing SEO principles
  • Keep the content rich enough to entice the users
  • Create modern and consistent look and feel of the interfaces across the devices
  • Enable special features such as rich media and advanced search and discovery

Advantages of e-Commerce based Businesses

e-Commerce application development needs to focus heavily on the design and appeal of the system as equally as the technology to prove advantageous to businesses. A good fusion of design and technology ensures an unforgettable user experience, compelling the user to come back for more, changing the way people shop.

  • Ensured Customer Loyalty
  • Progressive increase in members and customers
  • Lesser day to day maintenance
  • Ease of promotion and market presence
  • Flexibility, security and the ability to adapt to increasing demands of technology
  • Possibility of Application integration services

e-Commerce Application Development Trends for 2015

The trends that rule e-commerce, get reflected in its development processes too. Technology shifts from desktops to the wrists, expectations of the users shift from quick to fastest and the users turn into the smartest any one has seen as yet.

Not only does the customer decide on his own, he keeps is eyes open to keep up to date knowledge of the on goings and what the others think as well.

The three very interesting trends that come into the forefront do not take anyone by surprise! It was bound to be so.

Mobile Technologies fuse into e-Commerce Application Development

Mobile devices, everyone has them. At the corporate houses, on the streets or at home. Transactions of all sorts get a new perspective. Be they between businesses or B2B or between the businesses and Customers or B2C or even simple auctions between customers like C2C.

e-Commerce development considers them all. Androids, Apples, Windows and need to be Cross Platform and also cater to the various sizes of the hardware as well.

Social Media enabled e-Commerce Applications

As the customer opines, wants to know what the others think about the products, or even in a Business to Business set up, the stakeholders would like to be aware of feedbacks and happenings related to competitor data; Social Media rules.

With these requirements in mind, e-Commerce Applications rely heavily on new technologies taking clues from the trends.

  • Big data, Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • To understand customer behavior
  • To strategize promotions
  • Predict behaviors
  • Customized displays according to customer preferences
  • Responsive and Interactive design
  • Designs to entice the users
  • To cater to all sorts of devices with ease in shifting from one to another
  • Consistent user experience

Integrating the Wearables into the e-Commerce Application Development

The wearables take charge as the latest in technology today, with both the big players Google and Apple debuting here.

Location based deals integrated with the basic e-commerce application gives the customer a unique experience in the brick and mortar store as well as the online version. Shopping becomes a fusion of both and the customer can now demand the best of both the worlds. And of course the wearables allow quicker updates and promotions and “spreading the word” activities.

Putting this technology to use with e-commerce development puts it into the correct pace. Blending in the designs of the wearables with the e-Commerce Application becomes a much needed exercise.

SPEC INDIA, an e-Commerce development and e-commerce web development company in India, offers widespread e-Commerce application development services to clients across the globe with innovative technologies and contemporary needs.

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