Effective Load Testing With BlazeMeter, Via The Cloud

BlazeMeter is a novel self service, cloud based service for load testing and performance based testing of web apps, web sites, mobile apps and web services. It is based on Apache JMeter, which is an open source project designed to calculate the load time on a particular device. Basically, these tools are meant to analyse how much load the system can accept in case of heavy usage and its reaction to such a scenario. The main motto is to deliver a cost effective, user friendly, non breakable and non degradable application. JMeter is capable to handle most of the tests but for the fewer important and complex ones, BlazeMeter is proficient enough. In order to bring synchronization, BlazeMeter has perfect compatibility with JMeter.




It allows developers to use a web and mobile load testing platform with simulation of any number of concurrent users. It also allows developers and designers to derive performance metrics to find out the amount of load your app or site can indeed manage. Being less costly, ability to manage complex tests and easier to deploy, it does challenge the other market leaders in load testing tools. It generates very precise and rational loads which minimize any real time performance issue. It carries the ability to inject synthetic loads of thousands of browser simulations through the applications and thereby test the performance related issues well in advance and hence minimize occurrence of such problems at run time.

What does BlazeMeter offer?

  • Provision for application side monitoring is available for detailed analysis of test results and hindrances, if any.
  • Possible integration with well known solutions like New Relic which gives a larger visibility to server and apps.
  • Irrespective of the number of increasing users, the tool has provision for dedicated servers as required for the technology and test.
  • It is a self service mechanism and does not require advance resources. Unlimited access to testing capabilities is available.
  • Availability of real time interactive reports and metrics.
  • Mobile device recording possible for mobile apps as well as websites.
  • It is not a technology which is proprietary. Hence, any JMeter script or plug in can be used.
  • Since it is cloud based testing framework, there is no installation or set up required for testing.
  • Even distribution of load across self created servers based on varied geographical locations and their visitors.

Our skilled team of Testing & QA resources at SPEC INDIA, has been following our QA policy and implementing various types of applications all over the globe, following latest trends and technologies, adhering to ISO standards and abiding by the motto of enhanced customer satisfaction.


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