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“Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.” – William Pollard. And that is what really holds true for the education industry. The rate at which the education fraternity is expanding and the extent to which technology is penetrating in this domain is mind-blowing. eLearning has replaced traditional methods of learning and taking a step further, mLearning i.e. mobile learning is paving ways for novel techniques and patterns of education. Be it any age, course, location, environment, there are comprehensive eLearning app & software solutions coming up with full bloom. Call it learning with the association or with performance support, eLearning has all positives of a good learning pattern.   

The spread of enterprise mobility and education app development has touched upon the lives of many, be it professional or personal. This has started a revolutionary step in the global scenario showcasing ample benefits that each and every technology or fraternity is gaining because of mobile learning. The future of eLearning has brightened with the assimilation of big data services and its true potential is unleashed with BI services. The penetration of mobile gadgets into today’s globe is unstoppable and hence no wonder, it strikes a great chord in the education industry.

As for the education fraternity, eLearning Application Solutions have brought in a lucrative and profitable manner of doing business. With the latest gadgets like Beacons coming to the education sector, it is the best thing that could have happened to this domain. For e.g., gamification has brought in a paradigm shift in which way education is perceived. Various advantages have been witnessed ranging from better ways of teaching and learning, enhancing education system, easy and fast communication with students, location tracking and monitoring and many more.

elearning Mobile Apps

5 Prime Reasons Why Education App Development Is On A Roll Today

  • Suppleness To Students

With different mediums of learning available all over the globe owing to the eLearning spread – videos, podcasts, multimedia presentations, etc., there has been a large amount of suppleness available for the students, be it from the school or colleges. The need for learning to happen at a particular place and time has been almost eliminated and hence there is an increase in flexibility and more so with the introduction of mobile devices i.e. mLearning. Also, due to the integration of BI and Big Data with eLearning solutions, there is a wide availability of different types of dashboards/reports which showcase multiple trends, behavior and results in a visually attractive manner, giving a large scope to improve gray areas and highlight stronger ones.

  • Learning With Association

The best part of eLearning is the association that it brings along with the learners in the easiest and effective manner. With mobility driven education, there is a high rated advantage of learning with internal association between stakeholders and learners. Not only learners, the teachers, administrative staff, parents, etc. also have a better way to communicate with each other, through the latest apps specifically designed for this purpose. No wonder, the performance standards of all stakeholders are bound to increase with a lot of momentum and sincerity.

  • Higher Rate Of Completion & Retention

Since mobile-based learning is concise and small in size, the learners find it much easier to handle it and complete it well on time. Also, it brings in a lot of enthusiasm to do further such courses as the short-termed objectives are met with ease and with a great lot of understanding. Owing to this, the engagement and retention rate also comes up by a large margin because the entire design of the educational apps are done in such a way that it attracts the learners to a large extent and see to it that they don’t lose their interest level at any point of time. If this point is not catered to, the attrition rate will be much higher.

  • Support For Multiple Devices

Want to have a look at any type of education material on any type of device, it is just a fingertip away. Be it laptops, mobiles, tablets, desktops, the same material, and the same eLearning material can be accessed easily on any of them from any location seamlessly and effortlessly, of course with the required steps. Gone are those days of hardbound books and notes being made and referred to at the time of exams. Everything is on the device now. Simply open it and refer it.

  • Access To Instant Notifications

Notifications are available based on different case studies within the eLearning solution itself. These notifications help learners to keep in sync with ongoing activities and those which are being neglected or forgotten. Students are able to check and verify their content, timetables, courses, etc. at any point of time and at any given place. Doesn’t this bring in so much of less wastage of time, energy and money?

SPEC INDIA, from its bouquet of enterprise business offerings and expertise in Education App Development, has been servicing a widespread elite clientele all across the globe, with its mLearning Apps & Software Solutions. Our mobile-based apps showcase Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) enhancing the usage of enterprise mobility thereby improvising productivity and enabling enterprises to realize a faster RoI.


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