Elite Features For The Enterprise at Google I/O 2014

The Google I/O 2014, held recently at San Francisco, has unveiled a bunch of exciting new features focussing on different APIs and various platforms for Android like Android L – the innovative Operating System with more than 5000 APIs, Android TV – a framework which can be incorporated into smart TVs and can be controlled through smartphones, Android Wear for Smartwatches – An OS utilized on wearable devices and Android Auto – an in-the-car experience combining the car with the smartphone.




Even though there was a major highlight in the Android arena, there was a sharp spotlight on the Enterprise sector. Google has attracted the Enterprise with new and alluring features, which are listed below:

• Customization of Google Play Store to fit in selected apps which are applicable to individuals as well as groups. Google Play Services assists in development and deployment of large scale applications with the help of your own customized app store, which is based on the Google Play store. Google Play will now support novel ideas for app licensing, bulk purchases and hosting of internal apps.

• Based on the KNOX management platform initiated by Samsung in the last season, Google presented Android for Work for the Android L OS release. KNOX manages corporate apps and data in a safe container separate from personal use. Android for Work assists the developers to organized various control level using a special app designed especially for this. Google also plans to release APIs for Enterprise Mobility Management which shall let the users integrate the Android support to the existing products.

• Google has come up with a Google Debugger which has a unconventional way to first go ahead with code, set a ‘watchpoint’ on a line of code, which gets hit with a server request and there is a report generation which depicts all the local variables and parameters. This encourages the performance of the users and the system.

• Google Cloud Platform is an emerging tool which supports open source apps like Apache, MySQL, MongoDB. Cloud Monitoring provides metrics, dashboards and reminders and the basic purpose for this tool is to assist in resolving performance issues across stacks. Also, there is Cloud Trace which will give end users a insight into the method by which an application spends its time for request processing.


SPEC INDIA, your mobility partner, has been following up sharply with all the happenings at the Google I/O 2014 and is looking forward to implement all these features while executing multiple mobile application development projects. Find Enterprise Mobility Solutions with us.

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