Enhance Profits Reduce Expenses with GPS Fleet Tracking System

Doesn’t it sound like magic when we get more for less, in today’s fast paced and competitive environment, whatsoever may be the industry domain? But, yes, that does hold true for enterprises managing and monitoring fleet. Organizations are on the run to find out effective means for controlling costs with a rise in profitability, since there many parameters, which run out of boundaries, when it comes to practically monitoring and managing huge vehicle tracking information. Viewing at the huge mass of fleet spread out geographically, it seems quite a big challenge to increase its productivity with lesser costs. The key to this challenge is implementation of a comprehensive Vehicle Tracking System – for business on the go. With this effective system, you can very well control and curb the cost factors as well as the variety of expenses being incurred on a regular basis.

Finally, its human beings you are dealing with and it’s a known and proven fact that they behave most judiciously when they know they are being monitored. This simple fact forms the basic fundamental of the VTS solution, which monitors and manages each and every activity of the drivers and the fleet, in a highly transparent manner, which the higher authorities can view at any point of time and can extract any kind of dashboard / report at any place, real time.


This way, not only are we going towards successful timely completion of daily activities leading to higher profitability but we are exercising requisite control over extra costs, lessening the burden of expenses on the organization. Hence, the equation surely yields a highly positive result with less costs, more profits. And the best part is, that the fleet based solution does not force itself upon the fleet but is designed and developed in such a way that the GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution acts as a virtual assistant to the sales force with significant benefits not only for the enterprise, but for the force too, happily compelling them to divulge towards its implementation, with a smiling face.


5 Key Pointers to Increase Profits & Lower Costs with a GPS Fleet Tracking System


  • Plan Routing of Vehicles Perfectly & Accurately


Because of implementation of this solution, it becomes an easy task to reveal the location of the vehicles and with the use of latest maps and GPS technologies, one can easily judge the nearest location of the drivers and estimate the best possible route, in terms of time and cost savings. Cost effectiveness can very well be augmented by refining dispatch schedules and minimalizing path coverages by the drivers. But of course, because of this, the customer response time will be decreased and will lead to direct positive impact on the effectiveness of the solution. In fact, the directions that the GPS system provides acts as a boon to the drivers, for easily searching locations, saving on their time and energy, as well as to the enterprise, saving on their extra cost overhead.


  • Restrict Avertible Driving


With a variety of reports getting generated from the system like every day start to end journey of a vehicle, extra usage of vehicle apart from working hours, monitoring odd hours movement, lessen the total distance travelled etc., enterprises can keep a close watch on the drivers and their driving schedules and thereby, restrict unnecessary driving, if any. It has a direct impact on labour cost reduction and averting any additional expense. Drivers, too, would feel guided and productive in such a scenario. You can also avail the details of vehicle breakdowns by regularly maintaining the vehicle and thereby, be aware of the flaws in the vehicle and get it regularly services, so as to avoid any roadside interruption, which is one of the worst nightmares for the driver as well as for the enterprise’s value for time and money.


  • Keep Vehicles Up-to-date


The best possible way to get the best out of your vehicle is to keep it intact, functional to its best and to do that, there are certain pointers, if taken care of regularly, can directly and exponentially raise your profit charts and decrease the cost burdens. Keeping a regular eye on the engine, fixing small hiccups before they choke you, read alerts generated by the vehicle regularly, get the vehicle serviced regularly, set reminders to get preventive maintenance done, observe emission levels accurately, monitor vehicle usage patterns are some of the mandatory activities to be done in order to ensure a seamless usage of vehicles.


  • Accurately and Timely Monitor Vehicle Usage


However much we try to manage and plan in advance, however much we take care of the vehicles, finally it is the driver’s discretion that makes it work the best and if they are not careful, our exhaustive GPS Vehicle Tracking System is. It offers hordes of detailed reports that showcase the details of the trips that the driver is taking including the route and time taken. This culls out the idle time, misuse of resources, theft, if any. It also gives you a complete list of the trips and if they are as per planning or have increased or decreased. With the help of Geofencing, the vehicle’s exact location and where it should be can easily be diagnosed and thereby, a stringent eye on the driver’s intentions becomes much easier.


  • Enhance Driver Output to the Maximum


Getting more work done from your drivers, keeping their productivity levels intact is what is the real task and that is what an ideal VTS solution does. With a strict control over the driver activities and at the same time, becoming a driver’s pal is the dual set of benefits obtained. The drivers get encouraged to do more jobs in less time and with fewer overheads. Garnering client appreciation and better dispatching with highly productive routing is what is achieved with the implementation of this wonderful solution.


SPEC INDIA, from its bouquet of enterprise business offerings and with its stringent quality standards, has been serving a wide spread elite clientele all across the globe. Our flexible and functional Fleet Tracking Software has made it the best possible partner for the Utilities sector. Our customizable, industry specific solutions blend in the right amount of visibility, reporting, monitoring and navigation to assist organizations meet their SLA with clients and get appreciated for their timely completion of assignments.


There are certain value added solutions, helping you get the optimum utility of this solution along with SPEC INDIA’s other popular enterprise solutions:


  • ZooM –Mobile Sales Force automation solution
  • Renaissance – Enterprise Customer Relationship Management solution
  • eSAM – Electronic Service and Maintenance application
  • MDM – Mobile Device Management solution


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