Enterprise CRM Mobility Solution – A Boon

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution is today’s reigning solution to effective and efficient business strategies and functioning. Focussing around Sales Force Automation, Mobile Device Management, Vehicle Tracking etc., a CRM system deals not only with quantified data and statistics but handles subjective information along with relevant categorization of involved objects. It depends on diverse factors depending upon on the role and responsibility of the entities involved.


The major focus of any CRM system is sales tracking and monitoring, sales forecasting and long term planning for various sized businesses. The major users of any CRM system are going to be the business owners, management and the sales team / field staff. Such a CRM solution helps the end users understand the priority of the organisation and maximizes ROI with minimal rework and errors. With simplicity and ease of understanding, these CRM systems can help businesses achieve their goals with the right mix of vigour and intelligence.


Today, with the increase and monopoly of mobile devices, it is to be unstated that these CRM systems are all with mobility based support and mobility driven.




There are multiple features a robust and scalable Enterprise CRM solution should possess, be it any technology or framework. Let us glance through some of the most wanted features of any CRM solution:

  • Taking care of competition analysis and capturing, detailed and customized feedback
  • Providing extension to dealers/sub dealers
  • Monitoring business through various trade channels
  • Spot billing and 3rd party application integration like SAP or ERPcheck
  • Update stock availability at store, at warehouse & goods in transit
  • Cross platform compatibility
  • Ability to access back office data in real time in field
  • Eliminates administrative time and thereby saves on cost attached to time
  • Increase in field visibility and close watch on competition
  • Generation of dynamic graphical MIS dashboard reports for various levels
  • Product warranty status and query module
  • Employee messages through application and task management
  • Route plan approvals and auto approvals in case of delay than stipulated time frame

Why Mobile CRM?

  • Perfect identification of target audiences because of accurate and real time information
  • Focussed marketing efforts thereby reducing cost of ownership
  • Maximized ROI
  • Enhanced visibility of the customer and customer satisfaction
  • Sales Forecasting and Analysis
  • Added advantage over competitors

We at SPEC INDIA have in our kitty an innovative and novel CRM that is focussed on sales force automation and has been implemented at renowned client locations. It has been reaping benefits for the clients providing them with utmost satisfaction and technical advantage in the business scenario.


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