Enterprise Mobile Application Development Mantras to Avoid Failure

Enterprise solutions today cater to a variety of requirements, starting from on-premise requirements to on the field requirements of the employee, to the needs of business partners like dealers and vendors to of course the customers themselves. Putting everything under one solution makes the software more comprehensive.

The enterprise solutions today, in the quest to cater to the requirements of the varied users also integrate accessibility from numerous mobile devices and gadgets, increasing the usability of these systems, putting the additional responsibility of enterprise mobile application development on the teams, including developments for Android as well as iOS.

There are certain mistakes if made by the enterprises during mobile application development can spell trouble.

Enterprise Mobile Application Development

Overlooking BYOD

BYOD is a very realistic phenomenon today. Besides devices being brought to work by the employees, the other stakeholders of the system access the system in anytime anywhere modes using devices of preferences.

Mobile devices bring changes to the lifestyles as well as the working patterns of the people, making it mandatory for enterprise solutions to cater to mobile devices and invest in enterprise mobile application development and MDM policies be geared up to suit these requirements.

Not Being Mobile First

A jargon which is quite important in today’s world where systems are designed to cater to devices of all sizes. Mobile first uses a different kind of acumen and planning putting mobile devices the first while strategizing and planning the designs of the system.

The complete system is built on the design and plan derived for mobile devices.

Failing to do so, systems perform miserably for mobile devices and there remains a lot of problems with the user experiences rolled out across the devices.

Constricted Vision for the Solutions

Mobile application development projects should be as dynamic as possible and keep adding newer technologies catering to the changing requirements. Teams should be a good mix of experts for iOS development as well as Android development.

In the best interest of the system health, they should constantly monitor it and also go beyond development by value adding by putting in platform specific suggestions and also strike a balance between cross platform and native solutions.

When the solutions follow a rigid vision, they are bound to fail.

Overwhelming the Users

During mobile application development, both the designers and developers can tend to go overboard in flaunting designs and techniques. This overwhelms the users and can spell doom for the solutions as well.

When enterprise mobile application development becomes an exercise to show strength in terms of fancy features and flashy designs, they lose relevance and have a reduced appeal to the user.

Inappropriate mobile app design can lead the complete software into trouble.

Unfruitful User Experiences

Mobile application development should focus on user experience as a whole. The users of the system come from different parts of the spectrum. They could be employees, partners or customers. The development exercise to plan conducive and uniform user experiences for each of the stakeholders, across devices of their choice.

A user experience which is not clear and lucid spells trouble for the enterprise solution.

Not Easily Scalable

When systems are not scalable, they impose very high costs on the profitability of the system. Scalability should be both upwards and downwards and should be true for infrastructure, software and data storages.

Rigidness in scalability means unrequired availability of resources, and adding extra costs to the projects.

Unclear MDM Policies

Mobile Device Management policies exercise control and enforce security of devices as well as keep under check the vulnerabilities posed by these devices to the safety of the solution.

Unclear MDM policies increase the chances of security threats and make the systems vulnerable.

In a Nutshell

All in all, an enterprise mobile application development exercise should plan to cater to a variety of ever growing devices on all platforms, ease of scalability of the system, assured security and easy management of the solution with assured RoI.

Systems failing to do so end up failing themselves and create a huge loss to the enterprises.

At SPEC INDIA we always ensure our teams are equipped and trained in the emerging mobile technologies and using our knowledge & expertise we help enterprises implement these successfully.

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