Enterprise Mobility Challenges IT Leaders Meet and How to Address Them

  • Posted on : February 3, 2017
  • Modified: March 7, 2022

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : Enterprise Mobility

Mobility has brought in apprehensions that never showed their faces when desktops were the only device around. The Desktops never moved. They never accessed professional data across networks and across geographies. They never had multiple hardware infrastructures and hence were always easy to control, of course, with their limited advantages. Enterprise Mobility is no longer a trend or an innovation, it is actuality. Be it any geography, any industry domain, any hierarchy, the mobile devices have become an integral part and parcel of professional lives now. With all novel technologies striking a chord with enterprise mobility, slowly and steadily, it is carving a niche for itself in harmonization with other technology stalwarts. One such proven example is Enterprise mobility with IoT – the key to power productivity and profitability. And, as always, the way any popular innovation comes with its own set of challenges, Enterprise Mobility Solutions also have their own to face, especially the IT leaders / frontrunners who take up the entire mobility stint on their own shoulders to ensure the seamless and efficient spread of mobility into every nook and corner of their business. And, till these challenges are not faced with a proper & streamlined plan of action, they will continue to hinder the smooth operations of the enterprise.

Top 5 Challenges Enterprise Mobility Solutions Brings Along and Tips to Address Them

Enterprise Mobility Challenges

Challenge 1: Security

Most IT sectors today, are finding an issue handling the security challenges that come across implementation of any Enterprise Mobility Solution, especially when it comes to increasing the usage of mobile devices in the organization and spreading the apt usage of the same. It is therefore, difficult for the stakeholders to have such tight security controls that encompass the internal security measures as well as those specially required for implementing this novel technology.

How to Overcome this Challenge?

The most popular and safe solution to ensure a highly secure mobile network in the organization is the Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, that has proven its mettle in the industry by assisting in deployment of applications and its updates as well as locking / unlocking of devices, well defined security procedures and its well defined implementation. With experience, today, IT organizations can now utilize several control measures with various levels of security which can encompass physical network as well as other components of the network family.

Challenge 2: Skill Set

Technology is running faster than the rate at which resources can attain expertise in that technology and that is what is exactly happening with mobility showing its powerful run at an exemplary pace but resources not being able to catch up the pace of training themselves and bringing them up to a decent mark. There is a noticeable rise in the advent of smartphones and tablets but with almost each human life using it, the level of expertise is not satisfying and hence turns up to be a big challenge for owners who wish to implement enterprise mobility solutions in their organization.

How to Overcome this Challenge?

It is surely a tough one, but can be addressed by certain proactive steps like choosing the resources who are eager to learn, encourage a lot of modern means of education in terms of online courses, training sessions, peer group discussions and mentorship, look for fresh talent with innovative ideas – they are sure to give you good results if mentored properly, offer an open work culture promoting result oriented approach rather than time and money oriented.

Challenge 3: Data Access

It is very challenging task to share across all requisite data over mobile devices. Be it fear of misuse, theft, broken devices, security leak etc., it is surely a risky job to have all the data on the device. Having all the data on the device has its own set of risks since the IT sector cannot get involved beyond a limit. At the same time, access of data is also equally essential. The challenge remains in striking a balance between securing the data and accessing it for further use.

How to Overcome this Challenge?

The solution that is garnering attention for this hurdle is to secure the data and not the device. You can create mobile web apps that allow the users to login and access data instead of having the entire chunk of information on the device itself. In case of theft or attempt to misuse, there are rare chances of any type of malfunctioning.

Challenge 4: Collaboration

With mobility, there is steep increase in remote teams working at various locations, of course, with a strong motive to increase profitability and productivity but the challenge that remains before the IT leaders is how best to monitor and manage these teams and ensure appropriate and perfect management. Collaboration between teams and a regular connect is what comes up as a difficult task.

How to Overcome this Challenge?

Yes, this is a tough task but with certain predefined set of reporting activities, it surely becomes an easy one. Tell your employees to be in touch during office hours, give them access to the latest communication tools so that they are affirmative in maintaining a communication schedule with the management, have a routine schedule of video / audio conferencing every few days to ensure they feel connected and make employees feel they are very well a part of the entire networked organization.

Challenge 5: Instant Availability

No doubt, with mobility, things are instantly reachable and that is what looks like the best part of it and it surely is, to some extent. But for IT leaders, it becomes a bottle neck when the expectations from various stakeholders – be it customers, employees etc. starts going beyond what is actually possible. When we say anything, anywhere, it is quite difficult to adhere to it literally, isn’t it? That is what poses a problem with organizations, when they are unable to fulfil the high ended wishes of their stakeholders and land up with dissatisfaction at both ends.

How to Overcome this Challenge?

A tough one but can be managed with mobile web versions of your solution at most reachable places and having a mobile existence as far as possible. This may not be fully achieved but surely, there are certain steps that can ensure maximum reach of information to employees and customers.

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