Enterprise Mobility Management for the Untethered Workplace

  • Posted on : June 27, 2016
  • Modified: March 3, 2022

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A revolution is in the offing with the ways of working undergoing a complete metamorphosis today. Old school enterprises lose out on dynamic workforce failing to recognize the changing needs of the entities around; be they the on-premise employees, on the field workforce or even the associates & partners or even the consumers themselves.

Enterprise Mobility Management

The Changing World @ Work Today – a Fact Sheet

  • Devices managed by external service providers possessed by the workforce grow at an exponential pace
  • Most security concerns are brought up by personal devices accessing the enterprise systems
  • Increasing number of organizations appreciate and invest in robust mobile strategy
  • BYOD – Enterprises gear up for Bring Your Own Device and CYOD – Choose Your Own Device is a done thing too

The Changing Expectations of the Workforce

Flexible and anytime – anywhere no longer remain a preference, it becomes a way of life. With work life balance becoming passé and work life fusion the new mantra, employee expectations become quite simple and straight. Allow work 24 by 7; out of the boundaries of the office, from home, on the go – anywhere.

The Changing Needs Arising By the Use of Diverse Devices

The mobile world is a chaos of diverse proprietary technology with their own sets of apps and platforms. Enterprise solutions need to converge the needs of the various devices into one and integrate into one.

Direct conversion of desktop software in phases to integrate the changing needs of the devices fails to present engaging user experiences.

The Security Threats Posed

Mobile devices like desktops, smartphones and tablets face a number of vulnerabilities and pose risks to corporate data and software. These modern day devices are inclined to malware, spyware and other irritants and can end up breaching privacy of data accessed or create other security threats.

Information sent from these devices to the Enterprise software stands exposed if robust encryption policies are not in place making the communication channels sensitive to attacks and enable unauthorized access to private information.

Enterprise Mobility Management – A Whole New World

This much discussed allocation, organization and management approach for mobile devices like phones, smartphones, laptops, tablets facilitates enterprise mobility. The quintessential and almost mandatory modern day requirement to conduct the new age business from in and out of office comes of age today. Enterprise mobile app development strategies adopt simple mantras to avoid system failures.

An ecosystem synergizing functions and checkpoints to manage mobility solutions drive the way enterprises work, the way their workforce expects to be on the job and of course the driving technology behind it all. Innovative ideas and fresh outlooks ensure that this ecosystem is robust and dependable.

The Much Discussed Challenges of EMM

This new approach to mobility management gears up to offer end to end mobility to the workforce with continuous security assurance and flawless remote access fostering the concepts of BYOD. A single point system has the entire EMM ecosystem catered to with an orientation to self-service and collaborative techniques with the consumers of technology turn into the driving force for IT advancements in the true sense.

But the challenges are unavoidable and to be countered.

  • Striking a balance between productivity Vs security
  • Entertaining multiple devices & platforms
  • Overseeing security & establishing access controls

The Enterprise Mobility Management Ecosystem

Mobile Device Management

Allows employees to swiftly enroll and seep into the mobility powered enterprise solutions.

      • Ease privacy concerns with apparent, easy¬-to¬-read mobile policy strategy.
      • A self¬-service portal permits users to supervise common errands, such as adding or diffident devices, without IT support.
      • Visual solitude policy strategy helps recruits appreciate how MDM protects their private information on mobile devices.

Mobile Content Management

      • Employees stay productive wherever they work from with protected, anytime access to essential business content.
      • With the secure mobile content management -MCM software, Information technology is put to use to defend sensitive business data across the communication channels utilized by the mobile workforce without slowing down business efficiency.
      • Employees collaborate flawlessly across any network, on any mobile device with subtle security protocols integrated into the workflows.

Mobile Apps Management

Mobile application management –MAM is to supervise the use of business apps by devising rules and policies to

      • Authorize access to apps & functionalities
      • Record mobile apps usage & traffic
      • Report discrepancies in access and usage
      • Troubleshooting & support
      • Resolve installation issues & deactivation

EMM – The Advantages

EMM Advantages

In a Nutshell

The explosion in data and the increase in the touch points even for the workforce and the demand for 24 * 7 access to enterprise data is the modern way to bring agility to work. The ease of availability and the proliferation of mobile devices turn BYOD and CYOD into the modern ways of operating. In this changed scenario, enterprise mobile management ensures optimized functionality and assured security on all devices with controls in place and support established.

A comprehensive solution strategized accurately goes a long way for a harmony between the employees and the enterprises.

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