Enterprise Mobility Solutions – A Sure Shot Success Factor in Supply Chain and Logistics

One of the highly sensitive and significant industries globally is the Supply Chain & Logistics industries, wherein, all the processes are inter woven, highly dependent on communication protocols and calculation driven. Organizations till today are using outdated supply chain technologies that lead to disparate issues in all wings of the unit like warehouse, distribution centre, transportation, labour management and others.

What this industry domain requires is Enterprise Mobility Solutions, which take into account the operations and processes of all the various units involved like Manufacturing, Transportation, Warehousing and Distribution channels and comes up with an integrated solution that caters to all needs of the above areas with full efficiency and productivity. The case today is such that, enterprises are depending on mobility driven solutions, especially in the arenas of GPS navigation, real time routing, dispatch management, client service model and deliver process in order to match up to the complex needs and requirements of this industry. With technology marching ahead with full pace, the novel advancements in enterprise mobility are also binding industry zones in their circuit to streamline and speeden up operations, at the best possible pace.

What is most required for any logistics set up is to have speedier processes with thorough communication networks in place, to make the operations execute at the most appropriate time in the best possible manner.

Prime Benefits of Enterprise Mobile App Development

In the logistics arena, mobility driven devices are a must. Since the major objective deals with items to be procured or transferred from one place to another, there is a constant need of a mobile driven solution that caters to needs of the enterprise and provides following benefits, irrespective of location, infrastructure and set up.

  • Higher portability in terms of availing features anywhere, anytime
  • Handling issues in real time with least waiting period for solutions
  • Increased health and safety norms with wearable technology allowing your employees to be safe and secure
  • Affordability in terms of cost, infrastructure and implementation
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Improved business revenue / results
  • Augmented supply chain process
  • Enhanced order fulfilment accuracy
  • Streamlined delivery period along with decreased delivery time
  • Better client satisfaction, retention and loyalty
  • Minimized labour costs
  • Reduced downtime with diminished manual errors

Key Solution Areas in Logistics and Supply Chain Industry, which will Benefit owing to Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Logistics and supply chain, being a wide spread industry, has many components which need to be looked at. Of these, there are certain prime solution areas which need to be touched upon and will surely benefit from these Enterprise Mobility Solutions. May be not all, but these are the most vital elements that will get affected the first most:

  • An Enterprise mobility solution assists the warehouse set up in managing, controlling and maintaining the inventory, thereby lessening the overhead cost factor to a large extent.
  • In the manufacturing plant, it takes care of the downtime that may occur in an unintentional manner. In such scenarios, it helps in communicating instantly with requisite sources, thereby, stabilizing the productivity factor.
  • Real time tracking and monitoring is possible, with standardized procedures in place with cost effective solutions in the entire process.
  • Owing to instant access to asset details anytime anywhere, the life cycle of the asset is sure to increase with chances of theft or robbery becoming minimal, because of the transparency in the entire system.
  • Quality, being the backbone of any solution, has its own role to play in terms of maintaining and managing the system as well customer relationships. With good quality standards maintained, the chances of wasting labour time are quite less.
  • With inventory management, revenue generation, client interactions, paper tracking, reduced cycle and communication time turning out to be booster effects, the field sales and service will get a sure shot boom.
  • The GPS fleet monitoring gives a perk to the vehicle productivity, lets you track the real time location of drivers, reduces vehicle downtime and minimizes fuel costs.

SPEC INDIA, from its bouquet of enterprise mobility solutions and with its stringent quality standards, has been servicing a wide spread elite clientele all across the globe. The best of this solution can be extracted, tested and implemented along with SPEC INDIA’s popular solutions:

  • ZooM –Mobile Sales Force automation solution
  • Renaissance – Enterprise Customer Relationship Management solution
  • eSAM – Electronic Service and Maintenance application
  • MDM – Mobile Device Management solution

Visit to request for a Free POC to test drive our services.. Also, you could have a look at SPEC India’s Business Solutions to glance through our bouquet of business enterprise offerings and ask for a Free Demo.


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