Erasing the Thin Lines between SFA and CRM

The very thin line between the indispensable duo becomes thinner. Sales Force Automation and Customer Relationship converge into one when they become a part of Enterprise Relationship Management.

Though none need introduction, it is a tough call to differentiate one from the other.


Sales Force Automation

SFA, the indispensable powerful tool for sales force personnel to carry out their day to day activities with the help of contemporary techniques to simplify the otherwise complex Sales cycle of enterprises.

A software for workforce across the departments, Sales Force Automation simplifies the processes across the departments making them synchronized better, more dependable and fruitful. With abbreviated sales cycles and better customer satisfaction, SFA shoulders the responsibility of culminating sales deals, cycle time reductions and quicker RoI. It goes without saying that a good Sales Force Automation Software is a powerful tool to invest in to realize all these benefits with reduced administrative efforts.

  • Increases speed & efficiency in the workflows
  • Improving Customer Satisfaction by improved processes for
    • Lead Management
    • Marketing & Sales
    • Service & Maintenance
    • Feedback & Complaints
  • Offers quicker RoI

Customer Relationship Management

Really a tough call this one. Is SFA a part of CRM or is it the other way around? None is really. Both have different purposes but both complement each other for the benefit of the Enterprise. With changing lifestyles and ease of access to technology, the number of touch points a Customer can have with the Enterprise keep increasing every day. From the simple one to one calls to over emails and internet; today mobile technologies enabled Self Service tools change the scenario for CRM as well.

Customer Relationship Management has a combination of jobs to do across platforms and a variety of devices, giving enterprises many reasons to invest.

Contact Management

Having a user friendly contact management is a must for all CRM solutions. Not only does this powerful feature help in generating and culminating sales leads, it also provides useful information about the customer to the CRM.

Market & Competitor Analysis

This feature gears up the CRM system with the on-goings in the market, consumer preferences and competitor advantages.

Forecasting & Predictions

A competent CRM relies on contemporary techniques like Business Intelligence and Analytics to comprehend the data captured through various sources for forecasting and predicting consumer patterns and hence the expected sales. It goes without saying that the Sales and Marketing teams are the surest beneficiaries of this feature.

Together it is

Going beyond, who does what, SFA and CRM make bold changes to the way Enterprises work and relate to their clients.

These concepts integrate contemporary techniques into their workflows with the common aims to increase efficiency and improve the user experiences. Going beyond using only the internet or even the mobile devices like smart phones and tablets, SFA and CRM are quick enough to embrace the wearables and leverage the benefits of Internet of Things too.

Today we find these solutions a good mix of web based solutions and enterprise mobility powered applications and solutions, downloadable and very easy to use. The solutions move from being only On-Premise or Cloud based to need based Hybrid Solutions as well.

Localization Support becomes a very important feature of these software to cater to multinational Enterprises and also a multinational clientele.

Practical and savvy is the mantra for this fast converging software so indispensable and common for enterprises of all sizes.

And then Comes Enterprise Resource Planning

The superset of all. A proficient ERP has it all. An all in one software such as an ERP system converges various niche operations of the Enterprise. A system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate all the functions related to the business requirements; right from back office tasks , to field force requirement or Sales &Marketing, Manufacturing, Servicing, Accounting, Customer Relationship Management, Sales Force Automation and everything else that goes with it.

By putting modern day technologies like Enterprise Mobility, BI and Big Data to correct use, Enterprise Resource Planning encompasses all the requirements of the Enterprise under one umbrella, diminishing the thin lines between various different systems.

On a Parting Note

SPEC India offers its services to design customized ERPs for enterprises of all sizes to integrate operations meaningfully to increase speed and efficiency assuring a quick RoI. The insight into modern day technologies like Enterprise Mobility, BI and Big Data helps us deliver state of the art Enterprise Resource Planning systems for your operations making them the perfect ones for your business.

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